Originally created 09/19/06

Fat contract rewards Larke's dysfunction

The "deal" that the Richmond County Board of Education made with Dr. Charles Larke is a disgrace and an insult to all taxpayers. Dr. Larke must indeed be laughing all the way to the bank. My question is as follows: When will elected officials be held accountable for their actions?

Mary Snead, Martinez


As a taxpayer, I am so disappointed in the actions of the Richmond County school board in not doing the right thing. How can they possibly expect us to support them and their decisions? Wrong actions should be exposed and punished as they would be in any work situation.

Mary Martin, Augusta


The school board really showed him who was boss! Wonder what he would have got if schools made adequate yearly progress. Post hole diggers (Ph.Ds) from Harvard don't get that sweet a deal. Where did he get his Ph.D anyway?

And where does Richmond County rank in the state?

Jim Barry, Washington, Ga.


I believe Dr. Larke's management by intimidation has weakened every aspect of our school system. We have many wonderful principals who have not been encouraged to work cooperatively to solve the county's problems. Instead, they have been threatened with their very jobs if they did not carry out the edicts of the central office.

In fact, every school in the county lacks longevity of good principals because there is constant upheaval and turnover of principals who are pawns in the personal politics of the superintendent. The things Dr. Larke addressed were not necessarily the things that needed the most fixing. I have not seen any attempts to fix the crisis in the middle schools, which has now reached emergency status.

He just doesn't have a handle on the problematic issues in this county.

Leslie Olig, Augusta


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