Originally created 09/19/06

Liberal left wants our nation to lose

Reading Associated Press writer Nedra Pickler's article in The Chronicle about President Bush's pontification for justification of war in Iraq confirms my belief that liberal politics in this country will lead to its demise if not stopped. The 9-11 anniversary was the exact time to reconfirm our resolve to end terrorism by action not words, despite U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy's phony cheap shot.

Members of the liberal left who believe Iraq was the wrong venue for this fight are dead wrong. The reason for drawing this fight to the enemy is clear, and is working for every reason the president wanted Iraq as the venue. It is the liberal left that uses the 9-11 disaster to exploit the dead, like the "Jersey girls" have done at every occasion they choose. The defense of Jamie Gorlick by Laurie Van Aukin is a classic example.

Myopic liberals who just want control back use any excuse to discredit this administration and the positive results we have realized over the past three years on both battlefields in two countries. As a great strategist, Bush has taken a page out of The Art of War and has defeated the enemy on every front. While these embattled countries are lying in ruins, with thousands of enemy dead, we here at home are safe in our homes, and enjoy the economic windfall this administration has brought to every American since 9-11.

Our military is doing a superb job, and our soldiers who keep returning for duty are proof-positive that they believe in what they are doing. Every enemy leader captured in Iraq is proof enough for me that we need to back this administration and stay the course.

Ken Manfredi, Evans


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