Originally created 09/19/06

Face it: When you doodle you draw yourself out

I doodle occasionally and make the odd little sketch on the back of a napkin ... unlike Picasso, restaurants tell me they'd prefer the cash, though.

- Roger Moore

We always seem to be looking for insights into our behavior. What does astrology mean? What do dreams mean? What does our handwriting mean?

What do our doodles mean?

Yes, those little things you draw on a note pad during a long phone conversation, those symbols you draw on an agenda during a boring business meeting might mean something.

Anna Koren, who refers to herself as a graphology expert, suggests these insights to doodles. She also has a Web site, www.annakoren.com.

Here are some thoughts:

Abstract shapes indicate tension and problems concentrating.

Plants or flowers show you to be of a friendly and sociable mood.

Good-looking faces (for those of you who can draw faces) indicate a positive outlook on people. Ugly-looking faces on the other hand, show you're mad at others.

Stars show ambition or a need to prove yourself. Houses show a focus or need for family. Or perhaps a need for spiritual shelter.

Finally, arrows (my favorite) show ambition, drive, impatience and goal-oriented thinking.

Or, as I often suspect, it shows you can't draw faces.


THANKS FOR THE HELP: I spent much of the weekend talking to folks who ran in Saturday's Broad Street Ramble.

Everyone was impressed with the helpfulness and cheerfulness of the volunteers, particularly those who stood along the route. They were the ones standing between runners and lines of impatient cars up and down Broad Street.

Thank you, again.


TODAY'S JOKE: When the grandmother came to visit for the weekend, she was greeted by a cheerful young grandson.

"I sure am happy to see you!" the little boy said,

"I'm happy to see you, too," the pleased older woman said. "What makes you so happy?"

"Well, now Daddy will do his trick," the little boy said.

"And what trick is that?" the grandmother asked.

"Daddy told us," the little boy said, "that if you came to visit again, he would climb the walls."

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