Originally created 09/19/06

Too worried about terrorists

How far we've come - the wrong way - from draping hoods over terror suspects.

Now some of our senators - including Lindsey Graham of South Carolina - want to treat some of the world's most heinous, lawless, bloodthirsty terrorists like they were enemy soldiers with names sewn over their pockets and hearts that can be won with a cigarette and a warm place to sleep.

In blocking the Bush administration's efforts to interrogate and adjudicate these terrorists in a manner that would best protect Americans, Graham and fellow Republican senators John McCain and John Warner risk making America less safe.

We don't happen to believe these terror suspects fall under the fuzzy Geneva Conventions blanket to begin with. But our senators' concerns are dangerously misplaced. Let's worry about keeping good, peaceful and innocent Americans safe from these soulless predators - not about how comfortable these creatures are or whether they're given the unwarranted dignity of enemy-soldier treatment.

Moreover, Graham wants the law to allow the terrorists to see the classified evidence against them, which is just being reckless with national security.

"That's the killer," Graham has ironically been quoted as saying. "I don't feel good about telling someone - no matter who they are - 'We're going to execute you next week, but I'm sorry, we can't tell you why.'"

Despite the futility and irrelevance of it, Graham also worries about how the world will perceive America.

Maybe he should be more concerned about what the people who elected him think.

Except that right now, he may not want to know.


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