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NFL power rankings

Every week The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock ranks the teams.

Rank Prv.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers 1

Mostly underwhelming win last week, but they'll get a test Monday.

2. Indianapolis Colts 3

Run defense has to step it up.

3. New England Patriots 6

Won with the safety dance.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars 8

They'll be an early Super Bowl favorite if they start 2-0.

5. Seattle Seahawks 5

Is the Madden Curse already affecting Shaun Alexander?

6. Atlanta Falcons 16

That defense was solid last week, better hope they stay healthy.

7. Carolina Panthers 2

Paging Steve Smith. Your presence is requested on the field.

8. Cincinnati Bengals 10

Won't be tested until next week.

9. Chicago Bears 11

If Rex Grossman can stay healthy they'll go deep into the playoffs.

10. Philadelphia Eagles 15

It doesn't take much to beat the Texans.

11. Dallas Cowboys 7

TO makes his Dallas debut, but the big worry is with Drew Bledsoe.

12. New York Giants 9

They got hosed by the refs.

13. Arizona Cardinals 13

Offense good. Defense bad.

14. Denver Broncos 4

Does Jake Plummer hear the footsteps of Jay Cutler?

15. Miami Dolphins 12

Can Daunte Culpepper rebound after a poor Week 1?

16. San Diego Chargers 19

Philip Rivers isn't making them miss Drew Brees just yet.

17. Baltimore Ravens 18

Defense showed signs of their Super Bowl year.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17

This team isn't as bad as last week's performance.

19. Washington Redskins 14

Clinton Portis might have done more bad than good playing last week.

20. Minnesota Vikings 22

If Brad Johnson acted his age he'd be in a wheelchair.

21. St. Louis Rams 21

Offensive MVP so far: Jeff Wilkins.

22. Kansas City Chiefs 20

The hit on Trent Green alone was enough to knock them down a couple of spots.

23. New York Jets 29

If Chad Pennington's arm doesn't fall off they could be a surprise.

24. New Orleans Saints 25

Should they be excited that they beat Cleveland?

25. Detroit Lions 24

The Cowardly Lion showed more punch than their offense last week.

26. Buffalo Bills 26

Bad decisions cost them a possible upset.

27. San Francisco 49ers 31

Frank Gore's knee looks just fine.

28. Tennessee Titans 28

Too little too late last week.

29. Green Bay Packers 27

Think Brett Favre is reconsidering?

30. Cleveland Browns 30

Good news, Kellen Winslow's back.

31. Houston Texans 32

At least they led early.

32. Oakland Raiders 23

Pathetic. Just pathetic.


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