Originally created 09/17/06

'Path to 9-11' was outstanding

It was surprisingly rewarding to watch ABC's excellent presentation of The Path to 9-11 and their following analysis of our national safety since 9-11 on their special Primetime broadcast.

It was surprising because, like the other two major TV networks, ABC tends to be pro-Democrat in its coverage and reporting of the news. But in this singular instance, they presented the facts (even if with inserted hypothetical additions), placing blame where it needs to be placed and reflecting on the leaders of both political parties for their failures in the events leading up to and including the horrendous flights into the World Trade Center.

I hope and pray that everyone who watched these programs will finally understand the true nature of what our country is, and has been, facing for so many years now: We are at war with the radical, fundamentalist Muslims who seek either our annihilation or our total conversion to their brand of Islam. We need to divorce ourselves from the concepts of Republican or Democrat and unite to fight and defeat our true enemy, these Islamofascists.

They will not back down, they will not be appeased or bribed and they will not stop until they are killed and put out of commission. And make no mistake: Their numbers are growing all over the world, especially as can be seen by the problems they've caused in France, Spain, the Philippines, Africa and so many other countries around the world.

Not only must we become truly united in this fight, but we must do all that we can to alert the other nations of the world that they must also take strong action to fight and eliminate these terrorists who know no national boundaries or limits to their crazed thoughts of "religion." This is, and has been, World War III.

Gus Etersque, Augusta


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