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Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Aug. 30-Sept. 6. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:

AUG. 30

Harold E. Williams to Marc J. Bell, Section I, Lot 6, Block K, Phase III, Valley Park

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Reginald A. Houston and Staci L. Rogers Houston, Lot 71, Block F, Cambridge, $195,900

Daniel B. Lehman to Marcus T. Bush, Lot 17, Oglethorpe Homes, $67,000

McGowen Printing & Offset Co. Inc. to Joseph L. Hadden and Jeffery L. Hadden, 0.77 of an acre, on the west side of 11th Street, Plat Book R192 Page 1828, 615 11th St.; and part of Tract C, on the west side of ..., $525,000

Nordahl & Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section Two, Evergreen

Michael Shaffer to Tisha N. Overton, Section VIII, Lot 25, Block C, Bellemeade, $98,900

Nordahl & Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Pinehurst, Section Six, Phase One, Deed of Dedication Utility

Howard F. Hunt and Towne Club Partners LLC to Sarah Katherine McNeil, Unit 2638C, Building 9, 2638C Coventry Road, Towne Club Condo, $115,900

Preston Price and Sanderling Section Two to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section Two, Sanderling

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section IV, Walton Acres

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section IV, Walton Acres

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section VII, Walton Acres

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section VII, Walton Acres

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section VI, Walton Acres

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to city of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Section VI, Walton Hills

AUG. 31

R. Craig Thigpen to Jacqueline D. Scott, Lot 8, Block D, Fleming Acres, $70,000

Marilyn McKie to Michele Y. Townes, Section III, Lot 16, Block A, Highpointe, $120,000

Front Line Homes Inc. to Karen Algernon Wallace and Eon Wallace, Lot 40, Block K, Walton Hills, Section VII, Plat Book B2 Page 98, $174,900

Vickey Hill to Marlo S. Tanksley, Section 11C, Lot 2, Block D, Pepperidge, $93,300

Kenneth Smith Homebuilders Inc. to Michael Benjamin, Section VII, Lot 23, Block I, Walton Acres, $231,200

Jack Davis to Flavius M. Hobbs, Lot 16 and part of Lot 15, on the south side of Watkins Street, Plat Book 15M Page 329, 1912 Watkins St.; and Lot 20 ..., $108,400

Augusta Inc. to Supertel Limited Partnership, 1.27 acres, Tract C, on the south side of Beaver Drive, Easement, $3,750,000

Mary F. Pearman and Mary Frances Pearman to Kenneth J. Moody and Catherine F. Moody, Section II, Lot 11, Block A, Montclair, $143,000

Aurora Loan Services LLC to United States Veterans Affairs, Section 2E, Lot 21, Block J, Kingston

Florence C. Barnett to Karen M. Wiedmeier, Lot 6, Block C, Jamestown, $80,000

William L. Hasselbacher to Willaim L. Hasselbacher and Georgia L. Hasselbacher, 2.83 acres, Tract A, Storey Mill Road, Plat Book R465 Page 1360, 5044 Storey Mill Road

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and GSAMP Trust 2005 HE3 Mortgage Pass Throu... to Mark R. Long, Lot 21, Block B, Ravenwood, Section I, Plat Book 35X Page 783, $86,200

Gabrielle Nicole Bryen and Kurk Wade Harris to Damon Armour and Amber Wagoner, Lot 28, Block Y, King Estates, Plat Book 25V Page 465, 2223 Woodland Ave., $103,000

Bradley A. Bertram and Bradley A. Bertram Family Limited Partner to Jennifer B. McLeod, Lots 14 through 16, Block G, Kings Wood, $91,000

Nichole Breaux Stein and Michael W. Stein to Darnell McAlpin II and Tameka S. McAlpin, Lot 45, Block B, Bridgeport, Section II, Plat Book R177 Page 1146, $118,400

Mary Carole Rambo to Jennifer Stevens, Building J, Lot 39, Nevis, $91,400

Benjamin W. Smith to Barry O. Smith, Lot 35, Buckhaven Place, $124,900

Gaines & Allen Investment Group LLC and Timothy W. Lowery to Arthur L. Johnson and Mavid M. Johnson, Lots 55 and 56, Evelynwood, $116,500

John Jansen and David Anthony Ressler to Jennifer A. Carson, 2430 Persimmon Road, Lot 8, Block B, Fruitland Estates, $116,500

Charlesetta Jones to Charlestta Jones, Tammy Yvette Colburn and Jesse Jerel Jones, Section I, Lot 17, Block H, Georgetown Estates

EMC Mortgage Corp. to Dan Goodwin, Lot 12, Block E, Pine Heights Eastern, $25,500

United States Housing and Urban Development to Pascall D. Mansell, Lot 3, Block D, Hornsby

Sanford Loyd to Jason Caviston, 104 Leroy St., Lot 7 and part of Lot 6, Truedale, $4,200

Gabor Patonay and Nora R. Patonay to Brandi K. Glisson and Henry Warren Glisson Jr., Section II, Lot 6, Block 9, National Hills, $121,600


Ben L. Weathers to Demarcpoint LLC, 0.55 of an acre, Parcel A, on the northeast corner of Walker and 11th streets, 526 11th St., $230,000

Nadine Kearns Horne and Nadine M. Kearns to Michael D. Palmer and Sarah K. Palmer, Unit 128, Building 2, 1017 Stevens Creek Road, Fountainhead Condo, $71,500

Debra Crawford to North Augusta Co., Lot 22, Block A, Gordon Lake Mobile Home, $10,000

Gail M. Wincey and Kirby H. Wincey to Philip W. Catalano, Section Two, Lot G2, Phase One, Saba Townhouses, $85,000

Michael J. Thurman to Joseph P. O'Hara, Lot 9B, Block 1, Martinez Martinez, $120,000

Mildred Scarboro and Mildred H. Scarboro to James Richardson, Lot 1, Block A, Lumpkin Martinez, $53,000

Bruce Hunter to Danette M. Spears and Arthur Spears, Section Two, 4535 Pineview Lane, Lot 18, Block B, Pinehurst, $129,000

Robert C. Bagwell to Ronald J. Bourgeois and Athinia M. Bourgeois, Plat Book B1065 Page 640, Lot 20, Block E, Magnolia Heights

Joseph J. Scheff III to Steven A. Corlett, Exception, 1004 Murphy St., Part of Lot 168, Grassdale Addition, $86,200

Lumpkin Road Apartments LLC to William B. Hamilton and Bryn G. Hamilton, Plat Book B1050 Page 700, Lot 4, Block Y, King Estates

Belinda Walton and Terry J. Walton to Eco A. Martorello, 2811 Fairmont St., Lot 16, Block L, Thomas Woods, $57,000

Hancock Mill Developers LLC to Christopher M. Myers, Section II, Lot 30, Block C, Hancock Mill, $125,000

Peggy A. Thigpen and Peggy Adair Thigpen to Thomas Matheny, Exception, 238 Sherwood Drive, Lot 58, Crestview, $97,000


William J. Murphy Jr. to Deitrich A. Arnette and Felicia Arnette, Lot 11, Block A, Tower Pines, $112,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee and Vendee Mortgage Trust 2002 3 to Kyle D. Carter, Lot 6, Block B, Phase 2, Waltons Landing, $131,900

George F. Blackston to Cindy Laster and Cecil T. Laster Jr., 1.39 acres, Tract B, Plat Book R243 Page 1674, $29,600

Morgan Custom Homes Inc. to Gregory L. McCray, Section III, Lot 5, Block F, Walton Acres, $196,400

Bobby Jones Business Park Joint Venture, CD&F Interests LLC, W.F. Franke Jr., Sandhill Developments Inc., H. Allen Strickland and Robert R. Warr to Jason Wren Pledger and Anthony Donald Fournier, 1.2 acres, Lot 8, Block B Bobby Jones Business Park, Phase II-B, Plat Book B750 Page 973, $45,000

Charley Jerome Davis to Carol F. Barney, Lot 19, Block B, Nottingham, $115,500

Tito C.M. Sobrinho to Tito M. Sobrinho Trust and Tito M. Sobrinho Living Trust date..., Lot 1, Block A, Phase I, Whitney Place

Robert B. Chaplin to Robert B. Chaplin Jr., Section 1, Lot 15, Block A, Glenn Hills, $50,200

Angela T. Barefield and Hubert M. Barefield to Jay L. Olmstead and Belinda H. Olmstead, 126 Barefield Drive, Lots 21 and 22, Barefields, $345,000

4134 Markwalter Road Trust and Peter Topken Trust to Brian Burton, Lot 8, on the southeast Markwalter Road, Plat Book R130 Page 2571, 4134 Markwalter Road, $80,200

Dan P. Matheny to Eric Williamson and Ashlie Williamson, Unit 227, Building 12, 1017 Stevens Creek Road, Fountainhead Condo, $74,000

E. Freddie Sanders to Mark Mims and Patricia Mims, Lot 22, Block A, Park Place, $250,000

Patricia L. Althoff and Patrick H. Althoff to PHA Richmond County LLC, 7.4 acres, on the southeast corner of Interstate and Perimeter parkways

PHA Perimeter Parkway LLC to Snelling Properties LLP, 2.38 acres, Tract A, on the southeast corner of Interstate and Perimeter parkways, Plat Book B1 Page 1275

Henrietta M. Fishback to Louise P. Miller and Peter G. Miller, 812 Camellia Drive, Lot 5, Block A, Aumond Place, $235,000

Penny R. Thornhill to Karen King Davidson, Section II, Lot 4, Block J, Brookfield West, $111,000

Steve A. Green Sr. to Arnold C. Johnson Jr., Lot 1, Block E, Lumpkin Park, $85,000

Robert DeMello to James T. Garren, Parcel A, on the southeast side of Davidson Drive, Plat Book R140 Page 2326, $10,000

Rebecca A. Dugan to Marcia Collins Wood, Lot 15, Meadow at Hillcreek, Plat Book R494 Page 2360, $185,000

Custom Contractors and Associates Inc. to Sterling M. Wertz Sr. and Shannon D. Wertz, Section 1B, Lot 57, Block K, Gordon Woods, $120,000

Custom Contractors and Associates Inc. to Bessie Dix and Paul Dix, Lots 6 and 7, Block E, Spirit Pointe, Section 2, Plat Book R493 Page 37, $310,000

Lisa Lea Lops to Brian T. Young, Section II-B, Lot 27, Block H, Sand Ridge, $101,400

Kenneth McCumbers to Jonathan Donald Ball and Kimberly A. McCumbers, 3.81 acres, on the east side of Seago Road, $160,000

Burt Rayburn and Wallace B. Rayburn to Claude K. Whatley Jr. Family Trust da... and Claude K. Whatley Jr. Trust, Part 2, Section 1, Lot 11, Block C, Fernwood

Vera V. Anderson and Vera L. Vining to Shalonda Byrdsell and Jon Byrdsell, Lot, on the south side of Windsor Spring Road, Plat Book 38N Page 862, and Plat Book R20 Page 973, $75,000

Rose Mary A. Marshall to Shavoka M. Conger and Ricky Parker, Section VI-A, Lot 1, Block E2, Woodlake, $129,000

Bank of New York Trustee and CWABS Inc. Asset Backed Certificates Seri... to Rick Lockhart and Rickey M. Lockhart, Lot 14, Block B, Southwick, $54,000

Darlene M. Riggs Bliss to Tony Harris and Janice Gary, Lot 14, Block A, Plat Book 13F Page 212, and Plat Book 20A Page 814, $105,000

Jaspal Gujral to John V. Williams and Rose A. Williams, Survivorship Deed, Lot 23, Westwood, $183,000

Erica Lee Menefee to Matthew N. Nelson and Anne D. Nelson, Section IV, Lot 33, Block L, Montclair, $130,000

Jerry L. Touchton to Derek D. Neal, Section 1, 2014 Bloomingdale Drive, Lot 10, Block C, Bloomingdale, $66,000


JP Morgan Chase Bank Trustee to Michael Shaffer, Section IV-A, 2644 Corning St., Lot 3, Block H, Spanish Trace, $69,900

Edward Jones Trust Co. Trustee, Jane Wiley Living Trust dated Feb. 5, 2003, and Jane Wiley Trust to David T. Blewer and Mary M. Blewer, Unit 903, River Place at Port Royal

Bernard S. Dunstan, James Richard Dunstan, James M. Hull, Mason H. McKnight and William D. McKnight to Jugal K. Purohit and Chandra Kala Purohit, 1.4 acres, Tract A, and 1.94 acres, Tract B, Plat Book B2 Page 490, $800,000

Lyndsey K. Fitzgerald to Geraldine Lewis, Lot 11, Kenmare, $110,500

Paula L. Connelly to SDA & Associates Inc., Section II, Lot 9, Block J, Brookfield West, $105,000

Barbara K. Zmijewski and John Zmijewski to Wallace B. Cassels and Diann P. Cassels, Lot 17, Parcel B, Goodale Landing, Phase II, Plat Book R287 Page 1358, $190,000

James S.V. Weston to Scott A. Atkins, Section 4A, Lots 35 through 38, Block E, Westwick, $280,000

Emmanuel N. Watson to Emmanuel N. Watson and Annalynn B. Watson, Section One, Lot 4, Block A, Cameron

Joseph N. Gordon to Joseph N. Gordon and Denise N. Gordon, Lot 28, Block B, Pinehurst

Marvin A. Kennedy to Susannah M. Jenkins, Lot 37, Lyndon Grove, $138,400

Patricia S. Odom and U. Lindner Odom to Julie Odom, Unit C, Block I, Forest Hills, $85,000

Charlotte W. Deakin to Sandra D. Phillips, Lot 52, Phase I, Bridgeton Townhomes, $83,900

Holly V. Goodson to William Bennett, Lot 71, Summerville Martinez, $134,900

Steve A. Melcher Builder Inc. to Jeffrey T. Jones, Lot C2, Heathers Glenn, $159,900

Steve A. Melcher Builder Inc. to Sharlene Wilcher and Jack E. Wilcher, Lot A52, Heathers Glenn, $173,500

Beatrice Y. Eberhart to Tammy Rodriguez and Jeffrey Rodriguez, Section VI, Lot 3, Block G, Covington, $89,900

Williams Fund Private Equity Group Inc. to John G. Walls, 1015 Magnolia Drive, Lot 21, Block B, Magnolia Heights, $275,000

J. Dickey Boardman and John D. Boardman to J. Dickey Boardman Trust and J. Dickey Boardman Living Trust date..., 2715 Hillcrest Ave., Parts of Lots 11 and 12, Block B, Hillcrest

Glen R. Spence to William G. Dinkins and Martha A. Dinkins, 2 acres, Plat Book R438 Page 55, 2185 Broome Road, $185,000

Barnett Crossing Keystone LLC to Roosevelt Cobb Jr. and Linda S. Cobb, Section IV, Lot 5, Block E, Barnett Crossing, $221,300

Freddie L. Parker Jr. and Lisa V. Parker to Favius Hobbs and Arlene Hobbs, Section 1A, Lot 7, Block A, Meadow Grove, $58,500

Barnett Crossing Keystone LLC to Plablita Tanudtanud, Section IV, Lot 7, Block C, Barnett Crossing, $195,900

Joyce M. Krementz and Richard M. Krementz to Thomas R. Valdis, Lot 12, Block 6, Fleming Heights, $83,000

Granite Hill Keystone LLC to Toni Barnes, Section One, Lot 1, Block A, Granite Hill, $208,700

Barnett Crossing Keystone LLC to Larry A. Belcher, Section IV, Lot 3, Block D, Barnett Crossing, $199,900

Virginia Brock to Wanda D. Brock, Parcel 183, Plat Book R538 Page 2069, 335 Walker St., $96,000

Crowell & Co. Inc. to Granite Hill Keystone LLC, Section 1, Lots 7 and 8, Block B, Lot 1, Block D, and Lots 1 and 3 through 6, Block F, Granite Hill, $161,000

Linda Faye McNair to Bryan M. Halterman, Lot 481, on the south side of Telfair Street, Plat Book 3C Page 298, 1922 and 1922 Telfair St., $16,500

Granite Hill Keystone LLC to Christine Thompson and Charles Michael Thompson, Section 1, Lot 4, Block B, Granite Hill, $196,300

Terry Cantlow to Linda Coleman, Lot 1, Plat Book R507 Page 723, 2676 Willis Foreman Road


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