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On the record

These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Sept. 1-10. Suspects are innocent until proved guilty:

Sept. 1

Alred "Al" Cobbs, 36, probation violation

Ronnie David Copeland, 51, driving under the influence

Thomas Brandon Corbin, 19, minor in possession of beer, no seat belt

Samuel Brett George, 20, simple possession of marijuana, no seat belt

Donnie Gene Glisson, 48, fraudulent check

Jim Dorian Haddock, 51, open container, improper tag, no South Carolina driver's license

Tracy Alan Jeffcoat, 38, violation of parole agreement

Ronald Allen Malpass, 17, failure to register, driving under the influence, no driver's license in possession

Gregory Dean Overby, 41, disorderly conduct

Johaly Marie Torres, 23, burglary

Kevin Ray Winburn, 32, probation violation

Jose Enrique Gonzalez, 36, open container, driving under the influence, no South Carolina driver's license

Sept. 2

Samuel Abney, 33, disorderly conduct

David Bruce Barefoot, 53, disorderly conduct

Dennis Michael Barker, 43, driving under the influence, open container

Mark Anthony Bower, 20, driving under the influence

Joseph Carr Jr., 39, possession of crack cocaine

David Floyd Cook, 17, providing false information, disorderly conduct

Aaron Antonio Jamison, 35, open container

Jimmie Johnson, 53, public drunk

Damian Lamont Lott, 26, failure to appear and pay as ordered

Wilson Bradley Moseley, 31, disorderly conduct

Mary Smith Pardue, 51, open container, driving under the influence

Abraham Lopez Perez, 27, driving under the influence, uninsured vehicle, no South Carolina driver's license

Spurgon Mical Still, 49, criminal domestic violence more than the first offense

Charles Bland Williams, 39, no insurance, disregarding stop sign, no seat belt, failure to register, driving under suspension, improper vehicle tag

Max Payton, 61, disorderly conduct

Sept. 3

Max Randolph Barker, 30, disorderly conduct

Christopher Joseph Chavis, 34, driving under suspension, driving under the influence, no seat belt

Matthew John Hankins, 30, speeding, driving under suspension

David Glenn Ingram, 21, second-degree burglary, criminal domestic violence

Gattie Jackson Jr., 50, utility tampering

Kenneth David Jones, 43, four counts of grand larceny

Barbara Odom, 55, criminal domestic violence

Leroy Odom, 56, criminal domestic violence

James Richard Pixley, 45, simple possession of marijuana more than the first offnense

Edward Loran Seigler, 44, open container, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, no seat belt

Terrell Simmons, 26, criminal domestic violence

Lawrence Ellery Stephens, 43, driving under the influence

Wesley Jeamine Williams, 31, no driver's license, careless driving

Sept. 4

Willie Clarence Adams, 67, driving under suspension

Deloris Colden, 56, criminal domestic violence

Joseph Mikel French Jr., 28, probation violation

Sheronda Dionne Fuller, 30, providing false information, unlawful conduct to child, homicide

Michael Steven Glover, 52, failure to comply

Loranzo Bobby Hammonds, 37, fraudulent check

Benjamin Franklin Paige, 39, probation violation

Ernest Reddish, 45, no seat belt, driving under suspension, failure to appear and pay in family court

Brandon Gene Walters, 21, filing false police report

Sept. 6

Nickie Brent Arrington, 44, probation violation

James Keith Eidson, 44, criminal domestic violence

Ruth Ann Eidson, 42, criminal domestic violence

Larry David Laws, 52, fraudulent check

Amy Gabriella Scott, 24, financial transaction card theft

Christopher Don Sheppard, 22, parole violation

Joyce Barbara Staley, 40, criminal domestic violence

William Hugh Staley, 42, criminal domestic violence

Jesse Clay Trowell Jr., 47, willful failure to file weekender sentence

David Williams Jr., 49, no vehicle license, driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle

Debra Maye Wooden, 46, breach of trust

Sept. 7

Keith Monroe Gainey, 49, unlawful use of telephone

Rodney Tyrone Gantt, 48, trespassing after notice

Jimmie Johnson, 53, public drunk

Devalle Jeffrey McCain, 27, driving under suspension

Trudi Faye Mikell, 26, simple assault and battery, disorderly conduct

Jorge Montero Ramos, 25, parking in handicap space

Donald Lloyd Webb, 27, failure to appear in court and pay as ordered

Sept. 8

David Luther Beard, 38, petit larceny

Kellie Toole Bell, 40, five counts of forgery

Jarrett Duane Dandridge, 19, receiving stolen goods less than $1,000

Jamie Rokell Gilbert, 24, criminal domestic violence

William Shane Henson, 35, criminal domestic violence

Shelly Holloway, 41, possession of drug paraphernalia

Russell Bernard Jackson, 31, receiving stolen goods

Ricardo Hammonds Kenner, 33, seat belt violation, driving under suspension

Trayon Larayus McKie, 19, driving under suspension, possession of stolen vehicle, possession of firearm by person younger than 21

Wesley Morrall, 51, open container, driving under suspension, speeding

Freddie Powell III, 17, receiving stolen goods

Robert Lamont Samuels, 19, receiving stolen goods

Tony Lamont Woods, 24, receiving stolen goods

Sept. 9

Antonio Jarquin Alfonso, 26, driving under the influence, no valid driver's license

Christopher Daniel Bryant, 27, driving under suspension, simple possession of marijuana

Diego Rogue Chavez, 21, driving under the influence, open container, no driver's license, leaving scene of accident

Ellen Natasha Corley, 32, fraudulent check

Christopher Mark Curtis, 28, driving under suspension, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana, fraudulent check

James Allen Drummings II, 46, failure to appear and pay as ordered

Stephen Dion Friarson, 20, assault and battery common law

Michael Daryl Green, 34, no South Carolina driver's license

Buster Leon Key, 26, malicious injury to personal property less than $1,000, assault and battery common law, malicious injury to real property less than $1,000, disorderly conduct (public drunk)

Isabel Arciga Sanchez, 27, no driver's license, driving under the influence

Nick Anthony Shallwani, 30, 11 counts of fraudulent checks

Ines Leopoldo Silva, 27, no South Carolina driver's license, operating uninsured vehicle, improper vehicle license, no vehicle license

Styron McKie, 31, receiving stolen goods greater than $1,000 and less than $5,000

Tomas Baltazer Moneses, 45, driving under the influence, no valid driver's license

Sept. 10

Malcom Xavier Adams, 26, disorderly conduct, gross intoxication

Gary Francis Birak, 19, driving under the influence

Matthew Butler, 22, disorderly conduct

William McKinley Caldwell, 27, criminal domestic violence

Felipe Munoz Castellanos, 42, speeding, solicitation of prostitution, no South Carolina driver's license

Rhonda Jean Edge, 43, possession of drug paraphernalia, solicitation of prostitution

Donnell Rodricgus Jones, 26, malicious injury to personal property, criminal domestic violence

Michael Edwin Lott, 29, simple larceny

Paul Alex Majerus, 21, shoplifting less than $1,000

James Lewis Montgomery Jr., 50, disorderly conduct

John Edwards Phillips, 26, shoplifting

Lasaro Piocoto, 31, disorderly conduct

Charles Wayne Sellers, 25, simple larceny

Melani Sharp, 26, failure to obey, disorderly conduct

John Kenyatta Ingram, 31, trafficking cocaine, unlawful possession of prescription drugs, two counts of trafficking crack cocaine, possession of cocaine, trafficking crack cocaine within proximity of park or school, trafficking cocaine within proximity of school, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within proximity of school, possession of drug paraphernalia, providing false information, two counts of possession of cocaine, two counts of possession of controlled substance


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