Originally created 09/17/06

Rants and raves

I'D LIKE TO MAKE a rant in reference to high school football. I think that the staff writers need to start writing about the players that really make the game and stop focusing on the quarterbacks who aren't doing anything toward the game. I went to a Midland Valley game Friday and I read the paper Saturday, Sept. 9, in reference to Midland Valley's game and said the play of the game was due to the quarterback, which was not so. It was due to the fact of two interceptions done by Brandon Mabry, and nothing was mentioned about him at all in the paper. So I believe that the writers need to start writing about the real players of the football team and not just the play ones.

THIS IS A RAVE for Michael Ryan and his column in Sunday's paper about the now-departed Steve Urn. Most appropriate. This is also a rave for Bill Kirby. I can't believe you tried to kill a snake on your patio. Why didn't you get the broom and just sweep it off and let it go on its natural way? And also a rant to the forest service in South Carolina, particularly Edgefield and McCormick counties. When are their deer seasons? And why don't you publish these in The Chronicle? Shame on the forest service for not doing this. I'm tired of calling Edgefield long distance to find that information.

HOORAY FOR OUR mail carrier, Angie, in North Augusta. She always has a friendly greeting for us and she genuinely cares about the people on her route. I've even received a phone call from her as she tried to find the owner of a lost piece of mail. She's terrific!

A RAVE FOR Aiken's Makin! They had a nice, free event there for now the 30th year. Augusta needs to set up something like that downtown if they are really serious about drawing the crowds.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH our government? A lady in Aiken County gets charged with a felony for spitting on a police officer and someone drives down the wrong side of River Watch Parkway and kills someone and only gets charged with a misdemeanor? Something is wrong.

I'M CALLING ABOUT high school football, especially Midland Valley. There was a game Thursday night and they did not play all the boys that have been practicing the whole year. It's wrong for not playing all the players. This is high school ball and they all deserve a chance to play.

SOUTH CAROLINA NEEDS to come up with a health care plan like Georgia, where you don't qualify for Medicaid and you don't make enough to buy the health insurance. You do without any coverage.

THIS IS A RANT about the Aiken County registration fees. I requested information regarding why we pay registration fees and was immediately directed to a lawyer for Aiken County school districts. It seems many parents question the fee but receive information regarding the schools' right to request the fee if they need help with supplies, but must be approved by the school board. I want to know why every school in Aiken County is approved, or do they even use the approval process. Aiken County schools needs to stop charging the fees before the parents get together and request refunds for over 10 years of unapproved charged fees. Think of how much that will cost in refunds.


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