Originally created 09/09/06

Editorial exemplifies intolerance

After my morning walk Sept. 3, I sat down for breakfast and The Augusta Chronicle before going to church. Turning to the editorial page, I read "Biblical values outlawed in California."

With my heart sinking, I felt disturbed by what I read - not about the new law in California that requires businesses, organizations, public schools and government institutions that receive state or federal funding to not discriminate in any way against homosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered people. What disturbed me was the hate-mongering, divisive, Christ-warping, woe-is-me attitude of the unnamed editorialist (I wouldn't put my name on this editorial, either).

It also disturbs me that there are many devout Christians in the CSRA, who go to church each Sunday as I do, who think this kind of attitude is perfectly acceptable to Jesus. Where do they hear and learn this kind of un-Christlike invective? From the pulpits where they worship? The Sunday schools and church-sponsored schools they attend? The religious books they read? Perhaps the editorials they read in the newspaper?

Wherever they hear and learn it is not from the Scriptures that portrays Jesus as the savior of the human race. He is the one who rises above our differences; our selfishness; our unwillingness to see Christ in others; and our sins. We all sin - not just homosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered people (if you choose to see this way of being as a sin).

The law in California is making it illegal for businesses, organizations, public schools and government institutions to perpetrate bigotry, hatred and divisiveness at the expense of the people of this great nation. The law doesn't say they can't be bigots, haters or dividers, or to have these beliefs. It just says we are not going to financially support your hateful behavior, even if it is in the name of Jesus Christ. ...

The Rev. Prescott E. Nead III, Evans

(Editor's note: The writer is a retired Episcopal priest.)


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