Originally created 08/25/06

Minority 'blame game' is tiresome

I have written about some African-Americans' problems and potential solutions in my past two letters (June 4 and July 26). I want to commend everyone who informed me that they are serving as mentors and assisting those who are in need.

There is another issue that I am concerned about: the "blame game" - that is, blaming white people for all our woes and problems. Some race hustlers (so-called self-appointed leaders) love it. It keeps them in power, and many benefit financially.

Yes, some white people have done us wrong for 300-plus years, having been responsible for the slave trade, the continuance of slavery and apartheid. And the present-day problem: the white power structure's refusal to share or relinquish political and economic power, and black people's inability to produce great wealth to compete. Therefore, some whites want to maintain the status quo.

Black people helped build this country, and were responsible for 75 percent of the South's economy in the 1800s. Either white people are ignorant of this or don't want to acknowledge it. I believe if credit were given to black people for helping build our country - and white people would offer forgiveness for the sins of their ancestors, and share political and economic power - some of the blame problems would be solved. The race hustlers wouldn't have too much of a fight.

In the meantime, regardless of white people's inaction of the past, the blame game is getting old, and we need to take advantage of present-day opportunities and help ourselves. White people aren't to blame for some of us not doing well in school, committing crimes, having AIDS, using and selling illegal drugs, dysfunctional families, consuming more than producing, etc. Many of us are harming ourselves, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Tracy E. Williams Jr., Augusta


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