Originally created 08/25/06

More questions for commissioners

In Sylvia Cooper's article, "Williams blasts pay-cut plan" (Aug. 23), she noted the commissioners' fuel costs. It would be interesting to know why Andy Cheek and Marion Williams both have fuel costs over $1,400, while the seven commissioners who used their cards averaged only $432. What do Cheek and Williams do that warrant such high expenditures?

Also, what fringe benefits and perks have each commissioner used? What is the actual cost of health insurance to each commissioner? Twenty-five percent sounds like a drop in the bucket to pay, but that depends on the city's actual cost.

Additionally, who has attended commission meetings and other necessary government functions? Who has attended unnecessary social functions? How much did the social functions cost us?

Furthermore, with Mr. Williams bellyaching about how much time he spends working with the commission and how he can't afford a pay cut, it would be very interesting to have a verified breakdown of just how much time he does spend doing it. That $20,000 may not sound like a lot of money, but with fringe benefits and perks, and if he spends less than 20 hours a week performing his job, $20,000 can be equated to a higher paying full-time job with no perks or fringe benefits.

Theresa L. McTier, Augusta


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