Originally created 08/25/06

Poor old Marion Williams

"You're not going to get a good person to come down here and do all this for what we get paid."

- Augusta Mayor Pro Tem Marion Williams

Does he even realize what he said?

Regardless, how rich that the man who most observers believe is Augusta's biggest problem somehow thinks he's put-upon by accepting his $20,000 a year. He probably has a lot of constituents who punch a clock for less.

And they don't get Masters tickets or free admission to most every other big event here, or a free cell phone or gasoline, or health care at 25 percent of cost or a paid membership in various professional organizations or free trips to Chicago, Hawaii and elsewhere and more - all of which Williams has happily accepted from taxpayers and the community.

He needs all of this, you see. He's needy. Whereas someone like Commissioner Joe Bowles has a "silver spoon in his mouth," according to Williams.

So poor old Marion Williams can't join in and cut his pay 10 percent in the spirit of budget-cutting and example-setting, as Bowles is suggesting. Bowles, who makes only $12,000 as a rank-and-file commissioner, has offered to take 15 percent less and invited his colleagues to join in by cutting their pay 10 percent.

It's a great gesture, showing city employees and taxpayers that commissioners are willing to make some sacrifices to turn the city's deficit-spending ship around.

Not First Mate Williams. Nope, no sir. Poor old Marion Williams needs every penny he can get of your money.

And what have you gotten for your money? A divisive, obstructive, race-baiting, anti-progress one-man dam stopping the flow of Augusta's progress with abstentions, walkouts and bloc voting to prevent racial unity and any sense of cohesiveness on the commission.

Sounds to us like Marion Williams, for all his griping, got the better end of that deal.


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