Originally created 08/24/06

More racist remarks

The mainstream media are soft-pedaling Andrew Young's racist remarks as a foot in the mouth, a lapse and so on.

Would a white conservative get the same benefit of the doubt?

Of course, the truth is that racism is racism no matter the source.

And racist utterances aren't usually issued in a vacuum, either: They're normally just a more noticeable eruption of a long-running lack of judgment, character or both.

Certainly Young seemed to have taken leave of his senses some time ago. He strongly endorsed Cynthia McKinney for re-election - despite her alleged assault of a Capitol Hill police officer, her ineffectiveness as a lawmaker, her irrational beliefs of a 9-11 conspiracy in the White House and the fact that she has surrounded herself with virulent anti-Semites.

But Young revealed more than a narrow racist streak of his own when he told a black newspaper in Los Angeles that Wal-Mart is right to close mom-and-pop stores in urban areas due to the merchant "Jews ... Koreans and ... Arabs" exploiting inner-city blacks.

As columnist Cal Thomas wrote in Wednesday's Chronicle, Young "hit the trifecta of racial insensitivity."

Then there were McKinney's aides, who angrily blamed Jews for her defeat - and former comedian Dick Gregory, who appeared with McKinney at a conference in Augusta last week and talked about "white folks" this and "white boy" that. Why is that OK? Because he used to be funny? Or because he's black? Or liberal?

No double standards, please.

And no racism, either.


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