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Hopeless Ambition wants to break out

Much thought usually goes into a band's name.

There's the group's dynamics or style to consider, influences and philosophies. And then there's the need to be original.

When it came time for Hopeless Ambition to find its moniker, the Beech Island rockers said they wanted to capture the essence of their experience.

"We were thinking of names, all sorts of names," said Trey Neal, 17, a senior at Silver Bluff High School.

Not all of them can be printed in a family newspaper, but the one they settled on had importance.

"It comes from how we all have these ideas and hopes of making it big, and it can seem like we're not going to get there," Trey said.

Most people starting out toward their dream could identify with that feeling. Yet, lately, after a string of canceled gigs, the band's name has started to be very appropriate, according to guitarist Andrew Kennamer, 17, also a Silver Bluff senior.

Those gigs also reflect how hard it is for a band to get heard outside of its small town.

"The music scene around here is in Augusta," Trey said "It's really hard to make the jump from Silver Bluff to Augusta."

Still, members of the group say making music is worth it.

"To our generation and the generation right before us, music is everything," the guitarist said. "People walk around with 5,000 songs on their iPods and listen to 2,000 of them each day. It's a way to get your emotions out ... to let new ones in."

The group got its start about 18 months ago after Trey and Andrew collaborated on a school project.

Drummer Gabe Fuller, 17, said sweating it out as a garage band results in an uncommon chemistry and kinship.

"We put the 'garage' in garage band," Gabe said. "Everything flows together."

"I wouldn't want to be in any other band but with these three," Andrew said.

Lead vocalist Seth Oswald, 18, agreed there is something special about the group, what they do and what they play.

Their fans love it, he said, partly because of the honesty and reach of their message.

"As a teenager, you're easily influenced," Seth said. "You do things for attention. You want someone to hear what you have to say. You hear a song and know someone hears you, (someone) knows what you're going through - that you're not alone."

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MEMBERS (from left): Silver Bluff High School seniors Andrew Kennamer (guitar),Gabe Fuller (drums) and Trey Neal (guitar); and lead vocalist Seth Oswald, 18, a freshman at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

SOUND: Emo, rock alternative, indie

HOME: Beech Island

HEAR THEM: Listen to a clip of their song Thirteen through Nineteen. [MP3 format]


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