Originally created 08/22/06

Power brokers reshaping our world

Because we Americans are so busily going about our hectic schedules, we often neglect things that cause our lives to be so pressured in the first place.

I urge every reader of The Augusta Chronicle to take a second look at a letter to the editor from Aug. 16 ("Insiders want one-world government"). Elton Booth, of North Augusta, provided quotes from leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Rockefellers of this world, along with other globalists (promoters of the one-world government), fill their pockets with American money, enjoy their lavish lifestyles and continue on a day-to-day basis to manipulate U.S. and other countries' policies behind the scenes to enrich themselves even more at the cost of American jobs, lives and freedoms. These people are true terrorists in sheep's clothing.

I earnestly call upon my brothers and sisters of all races to realize that it is these globalists who fan the flames of racial hatred and religious intolerance - even to the point of creating wars that they profit from by providing munitions to both sides of a conflict. If we fight one another, they are happy - and their true purposes go undetected.

I urge you each to look into the true history of wars in the 20th century and, as they say, "follow the money." Who profits from a war? ... Don't be bullied into closing your eyes by those who cry out against "conspiracy theorists." Look into it for yourselves. Our national sovereignty, our freedom, our American way of life and very likely our God-given spirits are at stake.

Jimmy Athon, Augusta


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