Originally created 08/22/06

Cynthia McKinney is a sore loser

One thing I agree with U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney on is that wickedness manifests itself in many ways. Many examples of this were on display at the Black Church Social Justice Revival last week - like preaching hate against the rule of law; implying that black voters aren't smart enough to figure out how to use electronic voting machines; and, most reprehensibly, claiming that "not everybody our color is our kind."

McKinney's was the typical Democrat speech of a sore loser - whining about Republican plots and crossover voting. In Georgia primaries, voters are not bound by their party affiliation. In other words, Georgia lawmakers have provided a way for voters to have more say in choosing candidates for public office. This is the law, and voters in McKinney's district - who have suffered the ignominy of 12 years of her representation - follow it. There was obviously no "technological disenfranchisement" going on, for the candidate to whom McKinney lost also is black.

The goons who run McKinney's campaigns are terrific at cussing and muscling their way through a media gaggle. But like their employer, they're not smart enough to recognize the wisdom of the electorate. With representation like the 4th Congressional District has had, it would be a real disenfranchisement if McKinney had won.

That the voices of hatemongers and race-baiters are so prominent is a sad commentary on the state of affairs within the so-called black community. But things are changing for the better. I mean, look, shysters like Cynthia McKinney, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al., are preaching more and more to the wind, and the choir is using electronic voting machines to elect better representation - or, to use Sharpton's reasoning, a better kind!

Tony W. Howard Jr., Augusta


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