Originally created 08/04/06

Arkansas governor backs state's gay marriage ban

COLUMBIA - Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told a crowd Thursday they need to turn out the votes for a gay marriage ban amendment to South Carolina's Constitution in November and show "marriage still means something."

The Republican governor is in South Carolina as chairman of the National Governors Association, which meets in Charleston this weekend. On Thursday, he was also helping raise money for Mike Campbell, who lost his GOP runoff bid for lieutenant governor in June.

Mr. Huckabee, who is pondering a 2008 presidential bid, helped a same-sex union constitutional ban pass in Arkansas in 2004 with 75 percent of voters approving.

South Carolina voters will decide in November on ballots with an amendment that says marriage is between one man and one woman.

Marriage needs protection, Mr. Huckabee told people gathered to honor a couple who said their vows 74 years ago.

Amendment opponents say Mr. Huckabee and others are pandering.

Mr. Huckabee is among out-of-state politicians "seeking support in South Carolina for their own future presidential bids," said Asha Leong, the campaign manager for the South Carolina Equality Coalition, a group leading anti-amendment efforts.

"South Carolinians really want to hear from other South Carolinians about what the family discrimination amendment means for us all," Ms. Leong said.


Amendment supporters: http://www.realmarriage.info/

Amendment opponents: http://www.dumbamendment.com/


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