Originally created 08/04/06

No one is right in the Mideast crisis

The Augusta Chronicle's editorial pages are quite consistent with the unfortunate reality of our nation's Middle East policy - both are one-sided and clearly biased. ...

Political goals cannot and must not be accomplished by murdering civilians. Hezbollah is guilty and Israel is guilty many times over. The cowardly justification presented by the Israeli military - that mistakes are made in war - is hardly an excuse. Both sides are wrong, but the Israelis are supposed to be the ones who are reasonable and civilized. The excessive use of force to extend collective punishment is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Sure, one may say that what Hezbollah is doing is also a violation of the Geneva Conventions. True, but we are not supporting Hezbollah; we are empowering Israel to commit war crimes and state-sponsored acts of terror. In the fight against terrorists, we lose all moral high ground by discounting the killing of hundreds of innocent civilians as collateral damage. In the war on terror, we must be careful that we or our so-called allies do not act like the terrorists themselves.

In the land of Jesus, violence has erupted time and time again. As believing Christians, we must have the courage to say who is right and who is wrong. In this situation, both are wrong, but especially Israel since our country gives them so much (about $3 billion in annual aid), and they abuse the power God has blessed them with. ...

What would Jesus do? Given the current crimes being committed, Jesus would not have supported Hezbollah, and I am sure he would not support Israel, either. Certainly Jesus would want all fighting to stop immediately, and he would want us to walk a fair line and protect the weak - Muslim, Jew or Christian.

Dennis Colson, Augusta


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