Originally created 08/04/06

Global policeman should turn in badge

As Kenny Rogers said: The time to hold them is past. It's time to fold them! We no longer can afford to be the world's big-brother Boy Scout.

Perhaps the late U.S. Ambassador to Great Britian, Joseph Kennedy, and Charles Lindbergh had the right idea. For four years, 1938-1941, we ignored Adolf Hitler and his Nazi terrorists as they raped Europe and bombed London. Only Japan's stupidity forced us into World War II.

Our forefathers formed this democracy to escape tyranny and to be free. Let's stay out of the troubled areas that they left more than 200 years ago.

Since most of the large countries (France, Germany and Russia) refuse to support our noble efforts, why not pull all of our troops home; resign from the United Nations (Secretary General Kofi Annan is anti-Israel and associated with the oil-for-food scandal) and NATO; use the troops on our two borders; and use the billions saved to improve Social Security, improve health care and find alternate sources of energy, and reduce the deficit?

Suggesting a cease-fire with terrorists only gives them time to regroup for the next strike. Does anyone believe that would prevent another 9-11?

Tell Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel they are on their own. Haven't we lost enough young men and women?

Warn rogue nations that harbor terrorists that an act in this country will result in a nuclear attack on Tehran, Hanoi, Damascus or wherever.

Where is Harry Truman when we need him? He saved my life!

R.K.Hoddinott Jr., Evans

(Editor's note: The writer is an Army Air Forces veteran of World War II.)


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