Originally created 08/04/06

Iran's most dangerous weapon

It's rare indeed when the world's single biggest problem has a proper name and an identifiable face.

But Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has joined the likes of Adolf Hitler in infamy's Hall of Shame as the world's biggest problem.

The biggest difference between them, however, is that Ahmadinejad may someday soon wield humankind's most destructive force - nuclear weapons.

That cannot be allowed to happen, considering this madman's loopy excuse for a thought process. Consider: Ahmadinejad said Thursday that there should be an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah - and that the ultimate solution to the crisis is simply Israel's destruction.

This is the goal of many radical Muslims around the world - it's just that Ahmadinejad is too crazy to know not to say it in public.

Why is this guy allowed the privileges of high office? And why would any self-respecting world body - i.e., the United Nations - allow membership by a nation run by such a bloodthirsty maniac?

Many in the world like to seize upon incidents such as the bombing in Qana to blame Israel. But Ahmadinejad's words betray one side's true intent in this conflagration: the annihilation of the other side.

What's to negotiate?

Ahmadinejad wants a temporary cease fire because his proxies in Hezbollah are being routed. He and Iran - the biggest player in the region now - do not want a peaceful solution. They want to destroy the sovereign nation of Israel.

But even that's not all they want. They want a Muslim world - if they have to kill every last infidel to get it.

Israel may be on the front lines today but, truly, radical Muslims are at war with the entire non-Muslim world.

Sadly, horribly, horribly tragically, the rest of the world may not understand that until much larger masses of civilians are killed.

As long as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls the shots in the region, the only question may be which masses of civilians die.


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