Originally created 08/01/06

The Wimpy, Wimpy West

Let's get this straight: Hezbollah terrorists invade Israel to kidnap several soldiers, then hide among civilians while lobbing several thousand rockets indiscriminately at Israeli citizens - and the world is upset at Israel for accidentally killing civilians?

The world is more clueless than anyone thought.

Where was U.N. and world condemnation when Hezbollah started this war? Why hasn't Secretary-General Kofi Annan been as upset at Hezbollah as he seems to be at Israel and the United States?

It is only by the grace of God, and the ineptitude of Hezbollah and their sad-sack rockets, that similar large-scale civilian deaths haven't occurred on the Israeli side of the border.

So each side has suffered bad luck. The difference is, when the Israelis endure it, they hit civilians; when Hezbollah terrorists suffer bad luck, they miss civilians.

Does the world really want to take Hezbollah's side?

If Annan and the world truly want peace, or even a temporary cease-fire, then why didn't they pressure Hezbollah to release the Israeli soldiers immediately and to disarm?

Hezbollah is a terrorist militia that is holding one sovereign nation (Lebanon) hostage, and is bent on the destruction of another sovereign nation (Israel). How is it that the world is abiding such open thugs?

Why do Muslim fanatics get a pass? They deal in illegal arms and the free flow of hatred, and use their own civilians as human shields while attacking innocent civilians in Israel. Where is the world's condemnation for that?

No one should like war - though Muslim fanatics seem to. But the wimpy, wimpy West must be careful not to bend like wet noodles to the disproportionate anger toward Israel for Sunday's air strike.

Let's remember who started this - and for whom a civilian casualty is a goal, not a mistake.


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