Originally created 07/31/06

City is monument to mismanagement

Here we go again. The nitwits that we put in office have flubbed up again with their crazy spending of our tax dollars.

Let's face it: Richmond County voters, most of the time, are faced with voting for the lesser of two evils, if there is a contested race at all. We have now got people in office who do not know how to manage, govern or even get along with each other. They don't have a problem giving out pay raises and spending money that they say they don't have, because they know that all they have to do is raise taxes to cover their stupidity.

They say that if the people want services that we are going to have to pay for services. There is just one thing wrong with that: I can't remember one time that I asked them for anything. Why would I want county garbage pick-up when I will be paying more for less service? I bet that the county is making money off this deal, too.

They are going to milk us dry if we keep just sit back and let them do it. When you don't have anything else to do or when you think of it, call your commissioner and ask him what he is doing for you. I wonder what good-ol'-boy Andy Cheek was doing the night that they voted to raise my taxes, and why old Marion Williams wiggled out of his duties by abstaining.

We have got to get these guys out of there and get some people who know what they are doing in these offices - this includes city Administrator Fred Russell - before we all have to move to another county or state. I think I am moving to North Augusta and will just work in Georgia, and let them support me for a while.

Bill King, Augusta


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