Originally created 07/27/06

Augusta has severe leadership vacuum

Judging from feedback I get about my letters, thank you for the moral support. Sometimes I may step on someone's toes, but if I do, maybe it's because he or she needed it.

Right now, Augusta as we know it is in dire need of new leadership - stat.

This includes our brainless commissioners, also known as the Augusta Zoo. Then we have the Richmond County Board of Education. Why did the BOE continue to drag its feet when it came to Superintendent Charles Larke? With his unsatisfactory evaluation, he should already be gone. We, the taxpayers, shouldn't have to pay for his sins. Rather, take it out of his fat wallet, and give him the boot before he gets worse.

And what about all those delinquent taxes that haven't been paid? What is the city waiting on? If I had delinquent taxes, believe me, they would have already looked me up. Get to work and earn your paychecks.

And who is the monster who created the "rain tax" issue? And does he plan on sending God a tax bill as well? God gives us the rain. Next we'll be charged for the air we breathe!

Also, I want to tell the sheriff's department and fire department "thank you" for daily putting their staffs' lives on the line.

Some are offended by my letters, but I don't care. The previous letter I wrote on Larke seemed to make some upset with me. They knew I told the truth; they weren't willing to accept it. In the end, the truth shall set you free.

Finally, is all this missing money in delinquent taxes being stolen? Is someone playing Robin Hood, but stealing from both the rich and the poor? Yet Augusta is the second-largest city in Georgia.

Tina Cloer, Augusta


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