Originally created 07/15/06

Serial donors finance races

COLUMBIA - A review of campaign finance reports show Gov. Mark Sanford and education superintendent candidate Karen Floyd have become particularly adept at getting big donations from friends, family and others outside of South Carolina.

Campaign finance laws allow contributors to give a maximum of $3,500 for primaries and the general election.

Since October, Mr. Sanford picked up $164,500 from contributors giving the maximum, and Ms. Floyd, the GOP nominee to replace Democrat Inez Tenenbaum, received $80,500.

High-rollers and their maximum contributions came to at least $451,500 since October, when the state Ethics Commission began requiring statewide candidates to file reports through the Internet.

Mr. Sanford and Ms. Floyd share a good number of donors.

For instance, they picked up $38,500 from various companies with the same New York address, 73 Spring St., Room 507, in New York City. It's the address Daniel Rich, a multimillionaire real estate developer, uses for his donations.

The donations from that address come from groups and businesses with different names, such as 405 49 Associates, 123 LaSalle Associates, Dayrich LLC, 538-14 Realty, LLC, Bayrich LLC and LLC Spooner.

Ms. Floyd found multiple donors too at the same Denver address Alex M. Cranberg and four companies - Long Canyon LLC, Aspect Energy LLC, Azimuth Energy LLC and Walnut Software LLC - used for their donations.

Mr. Sanford and Ms. Floyd aren't the only candidates with multiple maxed-out donations from the same address.

The practice is becoming more common with businesses.

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer picked up $3,500 donations from Guarantee Insurance Co. and Patriot Risk Services at the same Fort Mill address and suite number.


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