Originally created 07/15/06

Just give us that old-time religion

Something amazes me. You can turn the television on and listen to any preacher you want to, and you will hear from all of them about what a great revival is sweeping across America. They will tell you how many converts their ministry can count, and the numbers are real high.

Listen to preachers locally, and you will hear them brag about how many members they have taken in. You can see new churches springing up on every corner here in Augusta. If they are all having the success they claim to be having, why do you not see a change in behavior of the people in Augusta?

If you listen to them you will discover that so many are not preaching the Bible. How long has it been since you heard an old-fashioned fire-and-brimstone sermon? Instead of being sorrowful for your sins, confessing them to God, you hear, "Come say a little prayer, let us duck you and put you on the roll," and a lot of them are never seen again. What is wrong?

You look around today at all the things happening in America, and where is the outcry of the preachers about people getting right with God? Are they fulfilling the prophecy of Micah, about prophesying for hire? How many are doing that today - preaching a social gospel to bring in more money and more members? Some will say they don't do that. But answer this question: Do you ever see one leave a church saying he feels called to a smaller one?

It is time that all preachers and church leaders read Ezekiel 3 and 33 once every month and realize their responsibility.

The church world today is filled with professors instead of possessors of a changed life by the power of Jesus Christ's shed blood. Time to wake up and fulfill your calling.

Don Matthews, Augusta

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