Originally created 07/15/06

Miracle-Gro for egos

Cynthia McKinney is a far better newsmaker than lawmaker. If that's what voters in Georgia's 4th Congressional District want, they'll likely get more than they bargained for.

After skating on charges that she assaulted a Capitol Hill police officer - and strangely getting vocal support for the act in some quarters - McKinney now appears to have the arrogance of 10 grinches, plus two.

Consider the fact that she now believes she can just phone it in when it comes to seeking re-election: She was a no-show at two important televised debates last week in Atlanta, forcing her two opponents to debate a specter.

McKinney "let an empty podium speak for her again," is how the Associated Press put it. Debate organizers "received no response from Ms. McKinney's campaign about whether she would attend, despite numerous attempts to contact her to confirm," the story said.

McKinney has long been on the fringe of rationality. She alleged, for instance, that the U.S. government allowed 9-11 to happen on purpose. Now she almost suggests members of Congress should dust for prints in the 10-year-old unsolved murder of hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur - which she appears obsessed about and which her Web site seems to suggest may have been the act of a government agent on a grassy knoll.

But her ineffectiveness has reached new lows, since neither the Congressional Black Caucus nor the Democratic leadership could excuse her behavior in the Capitol police assault.

Still, she knows an electorate that cheers her odd pursuits and blindly excuses any offense may never turn her out of office. So why show up for debates?

If they made Miracle-Gro for egos, this would be it.


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