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Faith digest

Stones' guitarist plays spirituals

Keith Richards might have Sympathy for the Devil, but he also jams for Jehovah.

The 62-year-old Rolling Stone is a guest guitarist on My Soul is a Witness - a collection of black spirituals released last month.

About half the music was recorded at the guitarist's Connecticut home in 2001.

Mr. Richards plays on a half-dozen tracks, including I Want Jesus to Walk With Me and Rock in Jerusalem.

The CD might be hard to find. Augsburg Books, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, initially printed only 2,500 copies. A second printing is on the way.

Mass translation is cause of debate

When America's Catholic bishops approved changes to the English version of the Mass this month, they showed how hard it is to do any translation.

The Mass is the most sacred of Catholic rites, and any argument about its form has a lot to do with theology. In this case, the debate also is about the balance of power between local bishops and the Vatican, which ordered the changes - ostensibly to make the English-language Mass truer to the Latin from which it is translated.

Minister kicks off his Holy Google!

The Rev. Jeff Walling, of Providence Road Church of Christ, isn't surrendering the pulpit to the whims of his Charlotte, N.C., congregation or watering down a challenging message each Sunday.

In launching Holy Google!, he's trying to satisfy the curiosity of those seeking answers to life's cosmic questions.

The new summer program in which church members pose questions via e-mail or on paper that will be answered during Sunday services at 8:15 and 11 a.m. through Aug. 13.

Singer hangs on to receive award

GRAPEVINE, Texas --The crowd was roaring - until it saw the band.

Enthusiasm waned because many in the 1970s audience were startled to see something they apparently didn't know about Christian recording artists Andrae Crouch and the Disciples: They're black.

"It was like turning the stove on from burning hot, scorching hot, to low," Mr. Crouch said, laughing.

He returned to Dallas-Fort Worth on Friday to receive the International Worship Institute's Cherub Award.


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