Originally created 07/08/06

Paper's liberal witch hunt continues

"(O)nly 40 percent of liberals are extremely proud of being American," you wrote in your July 4 editorial ("In defense of America") - yet another attack in your relentless campaign to discredit liberals (a.k.a. Democrats), impugn their patriotism, and consign them to the lunatic margins. ...

But will you answer one question for me, a pro-defense, fiscally conservative, social liberal?

Who are these "liberal" bogeymen you seem to need so desperately to shore up your extremist arguments and promote the politics of fear as you head into midterm elections at a time when Republican policies have proven to be impoverished, corrupt and incompetent, at best?

Is it my mother, two-time president of Church Women United in her Midwestern community, who served as secretary and as a deacon and elder in her church - yet supported gay marriage, and maintained that Dubya was the worst president in her lifetime (and who never missed an election in her voting life, not even a primary)?

Or maybe it was my father, a World War II veteran and moderate Republican engineer who, if alive today, would have a hard time finding anyone in his party to defend his fiscally conservative, pro-defense, yet hands-off, socially progressive views?

Or perhaps it is I who am a threat to our American way of life, as you see it. True, I am not "extremely proud" to be an American. ... What I am is very grateful to be an American, an important distinction. I love this country and would defend it to the bitter end. By opposing George W. Bush, that is exactly what I am doing. ...

There are liberals, religious or not, who are patriotic and thoughtful and who wish only to see this great country continue to be great ... . I know it's inconvenient that we're not all bleeding-heart, pacifist twits, but when your aim is to scare the masses, such distinctions mean nothing.

Connie Corzilius Spasser, Augusta


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