Originally created 07/08/06

Get over it, Republicans: It's the law

The creeping Bush autocracy enveloping this country received a setback with the Supreme Court 5-3 decision that forces the government to obey our Constitution and treaties. The court's decision was that the Bush administration violated the laws of this country and the Geneva Conventions in the treatment of Guantanamo prisoners who currently cannot attend their own trials, and may be convicted on evidence, including hearsay, which is kept from their lawyers. ...

Taking the expected Bush line, The Augusta Chronicle declared war on the Supreme Court ("Supreme judicial arrogance, June 30"). The Chronicle attacked the Supreme Court for upholding the rights for proper military trials for prisoners of war claiming the court had no right to rule. Really?

In fifth grade, pupils are taught that this government has three branches to provide for checks and balances, the unique system devised by our Founding Fathers.

But The Chronicle, like the president, has set the tone for autocracy and a ruling king - e.g., the president and the president alone is the almighty judge of what's good for the people. Likewise, the Republican right wing in Congress marches like the children of Hamlin behind the piper Bush, and call everyone who believes in our constitutional rights "traitors."

The real traitors to the principles of our Constitution are those who secretly developed warrantless searches, monitored telephone calls, invaded our financial dealings and degraded our civil liberties, all in the name of security. When each of these secrets was exposed by The Chronicle's own colleagues at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle charges they, the press, are aiding the enemy.

When Bush was awarded the presidency over Al Gore by the Supreme Court, the Republicans' message to the Democrats was "get over it." It's time to say to The Chronicle and Republicans who now cry foul when Bush has been found to violate civil liberties, "Get over it - it's the law!"

Lowell Greenbaum, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)


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