Originally created 07/08/06

Free? Why, I can't afford that!

The following is an excerpt from an imaginary interview with one of the nation's Founding Fathers, who wished to remain anonymous:

Chronicle: Mr. Founder, we'd like your reaction to a Georgia judge's ruling Friday that says a free voter ID card "unduly burdens the fundamental right to vote."

Founder: What? How can anything that's free be a burden? What the heck have you done with the country I gave you?

Chronicle: Uh, er, um ...

No, we don't have any answers for you, either. It simply defies reason to suggest that providing voters with free identification cards "unduly burdens the fundamental right to vote."

Yet, is anybody surprised that another judge has prevented another law from taking effect? When are we going to get it through our heads that it's the judges that are in charge here?

Georgia's elected representatives, in an effort to prevent election fraud, have passed a voter ID law requiring voters to prove they are who they claim they are. It's nothing more than you'd have to do to cash a check or rent a movie.

Yet last year, a federal judge blocked the law. And on Friday, after lawmakers improved on it this past legislative session by making state IDs available for free, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Melvin Westmoreland issued a restraining order preventing photo identification from being required in the July 18 primary.

So now, 17 forms of ID can be used, including utility bills.

Remember: Vote early and vote often on July 18!

The judge, in essence, is saying that requiring people to prove they are who they claim to be is going beyond the realm of regulating elections. Come again? Preventing fraud at an election is not "regulating" it?

Next time someone gives you something for free, try telling them it's an "undue burden."

They'll wonder if you're a Georgia judge.


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