Originally created 07/06/06

Don't buy what Dems are selling

I am amazed, but not surprised, at Charles Heywood's letter ("Chronicle piece on Times is an outrage," July 3).

As a rabid Democrat whom he has shown himself to be in earlier writings, his concern is not for "civil rights" but for anything that will hinder or embarrass the current administration. He completely forgets The New York Times' own statements made after 9-11, advocating not only the programs enacted by President Bush but even harsher, more extensive methods of investigation. My, how times change!

Unfortunately like many in Heywood's party, the only goal is to smear the president and, by association, the Republican Party - and if helping the enemy is the cost, so be it. Fortunately for the country, most of the citizens are not as stupid as he believes. Even with the willing assistance of most of the media, most people are not buying the extreme Democrat lies.

John Craig, McCormick, S.C.


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