Originally created 07/04/06

In defense of America

The writers of the current Superman Returns movie just couldn't stomach him being for "truth, justice and the American way." They asked themselves: "How will that play in Dubai?"

Who gives a hoot?

How terribly sad that some Americans, even super ones, are afraid of wearing their patriotism on their sleeve.

It may only be symbolic, this Hollywood aversion to "the American way." But in truth, there are far too many Americans who blame their own country for the world's problems, who are ready to believe the worst in their own people, who truly think being "patriotic" means bashing the nation at every opportunity.

It's quantifiable: A Gallup Poll says only 40 percent of liberals are extremely proud of being American.

It is telling that you don't see that kind of self doubt and self flagellating among people who actually wear the uniform in defense of America. They know it's worth dying for. They know America is humanity's best hope. They know there would be little order in the world were it not for America's leadership. They know that American fighting forces, contrary to other great powers in history, do not strive to add territory or riches to the motherland - only to make the world safer for us and other civilized peoples.

Those Americans who doubt their country or its basic goodness need to get out more. See what kinds of rights you have elsewhere. See what passes for human rights in most of the rest of the world. Then come home and gripe.

We're not saying no complaints needed. Certainly America needs work. We need, for instance, to return to constitutional principles of limited government and individual freedoms. We need a federal government that will secure our borders and then proceed to leave us alone as much as possible.

But if America was as bad as the political left says it is, then why are so many people risking so much, often giving up everything, to come here? Why is the "American way" not acceptable to Hollywood, but so sought-after and emulated by so many around the world? Is America perfect? Of course not. But it's the best thing this old planet's got going for it.

The new Superman may shy away from fighting for the American way.

But do you suppose he wishes he'd landed anywhere else?

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