Originally created 07/01/06

Child molesters deserve no sympathy

The courts, higher and lower, the Supreme Court justices, the ACLU and whoever seems to believe that child molesters should be given any leniency must pause for a moment and try to understand the long-term consequences the victims have to endure.

The child, more often than not, is damaged for life, frequently ending up on drugs or alcohol just to endure the pain of a lost childhood. Why these sexual molesters, in the first place, have been allowed the right to the security of a home life - when the security of the children has been forever destroyed - is beyond my comprehension.

The law that the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta seeks to change - the distance sex offenders can live from a school bus stop - needs to be more restrictive, not less restrictive. If these predators cannot find housing, that is their problem. They need to be put away forever in a place that would house and hold these predators accountable for as long as they live.

Most of these sexual predators, the ones who prey on children, cannot be redeemed. They live to play out their sexual fantasies no matter the cost to their victims. It is high time this country passes laws that protect the victim, instead of finding more loopholes in the U.S. Constitution that will allow this element to achieve more consideration, instead of less consideration, from our society.

This may sound fanatical to some, but to the victim who lives with this horrific abuse it is righteous justice. The only hope these people have is to ask God for forgiveness, then accept whatever the law of the land demands of them. Never forget the victim lives with their molesters' actions every day of their lives. The predator had a choice; the victim received no choice.

Barbara A. Mohler, North Augusta


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