Originally created 07/01/06

What if billions funded education?

What do Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Ted Turner have in common? First, they are great people who believe in this world, and the United States in particular. I have often thought what it would be like if Mr. Gates, Mr. Buffett and Mr. Turner would give a billion dollars to each U.S. state, and earmark it for education only. I then began to think - with each child applying for grants, aid and other forms of grants - with the billion dollars they could attend college free.

What a wonderful thing that would be. With more kids being educated in America, the result would be more educated people; less crime; more respect for the family and each other; a stronger work force; and more entrepreneurial-spirited, business-oriented people.

So the end result would create an even greater and more prosperous America - not to mention a more stable government, with people living longer and the need for less health care, because when people know better, they do better. In turn, they live longer.

Joseph Diggs Sr., Augusta


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