Originally created 06/20/06

Send Hardie Davis to the state House

I am excited to see that Hardie Davis Jr. is running for the Georgia House of Representatives' District 122 seat.

I have grown weary of the same old leaders with the same old promises, yet no advancement in our community. It is simply time for new leadership that is willing to listen to citizens, understand their issues and make real efforts to bring about change in our community.

Hardie Davis has been in and out of my neighborhood going door to door. What really surprises me is that I notice he really is interested in our community. He just comes around and talks with us. He doesn't rush. I like the fact that he takes his time to listen. My concern is with the run-down and abandoned homes that are eyesores, affecting the value of our homes and beauty of my neighborhood.

My vote is with Hardie Davis. I have not seen a candidate campaigning like this before in our district. He has energy and a real heart for the people. He loves to be with the people. Even on those really hot days, he was in our neighborhood. He also had his wife and son out with him on the campaign trail.

I believe he will do a fine job. My vote is with Hardie Davis, Jr. for District 122.

Annie L. Major, Augusta


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