Originally created 06/14/06

S.C. Republicans have lost their way

I am deeply embarrassed by the South Carolina Republican Party. The party has apparently lost its soul. It has no real moral compass.

The party put an inexperienced candidate, Gresham Barrett, in the U.S. House. He had the least experience of any candidate, but he was put into office because of money, and was the candidate most likely to toe the party line. Rep. Barrett could not even take care of funding for the mixed-oxide facility at Savannah River Site without help from Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Joe Wilson.

Sen. Graham was himself the state chair for the McCain for President campaign. He had repeatedly shown that his true colors fall under Sen. John McCain, and not the beliefs of the true conservative base of South Carolina.

We have a candidate in Greg Ryberg who is trying to buy his way to the state treasurer's office while holding fuel contracts for the school buses of South Carolina.

Now the party wants to endorse Karen Floyd, a lawyer with no education experience, to become the state superintendent of education.

What is the Republican Party thinking? It is obvious that money and the political will of the party matter much more to the Republican Party than the true interest of the state of South Carolina. We need true independent-minded conservatives to step up and take the party back.

Brian Moore, North Augusta, S.C.


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