Originally created 06/14/06

Rep. Pete Warren is a proven leader

In this day of ever-changing political environments, it is refreshing to experience those elected officials who express feelings of their constituents, and have the ability and fortitude to move projects forward at the local and state level.

Whether it involves a call for the Department of Transportation to address highway construction concerns on Ga. Highway 56, or gathering with other elected officials to move agendas forward for Richmond County and Georgia, it is refreshing to have your vote count. Georgia state Rep. Pete Warren, from Richmond County District 122, is such an elected official.

Pete Warren is fighting hard for the citizens of Richmond County at the state level. As a member of the House Agriculture and Consumers Affairs Committee, he is addressing our dependence on foreign oil by encouraging the development of biofuels and the all-important move to ethanol. Pete serves on the Game, Fish and Parks Committee to ensure that we all have a place to enjoy our diminishing free time for relaxation. The Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee also is one of Pete's daily duties, for those veterans here in Richmond County and Georgia that have played a major role in keeping our country safe.

The part of Richmond County that encompasses District 122 has produced elected officials that have fought for years at the local and state level for our beliefs, and Pete is no exception. It is imperative that Richmond County return Pete Warren to the General Assembly as a third-term representative of our ideals. Let's not start over with a new face representing District 122 in Atlanta.

During his tenure in Atlanta, Pete Warren has constructed our foundation. It is now time for him to begin building the walls for Richmond County.

Henry T. Jones, Hephzibah


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