Originally created 06/13/06

Democrats struggle for relevancy

Well, well, well, I've heard it since I can remember. The only things certain in life are death and taxes. Let's add Lowell Greenbaum whining about President Bush and Republicans to that list, shall we? I'm still laughing at his June 8 letter that is so critical of The Augusta Chronicle ("Pelosi is paper's unwarranted target").

Sir Lowell and his band of merry men seem to have no difficulty in unloading venom at anything the president or Republicans do at the drop of a hat. But if anyone or anything, such as a newspaper, dares to criticize a Democrat, he screams like a spanked child. Mr. Greenbaum should remember that probable new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in the big leagues now. I'm sure she can fend for herself. By the way, Rep. Pelosi, like most Democrats, never gives details on how all of these wonderful programs she is pushing are going to be paid for. Could it be from, dare I say, higher taxes? And as far as corruption goes, Greenbaum's charge is like the pot calling the kettle black. Sorry for that old clich.

There is an old saying: "A confident man has no need of boasting before the event." Maybe the recent election in California has Sir Lowell now wondering if his party actually is reaching enough people with a common-sense approach to get elected, or, like in the past, they are too far to the left to register with middle America.

Mr. Greenbaum should come down out of the clouds. You can see the truth much better from here on Earth! When his party has real solutions to our nation's problems, other than higher taxes and cowardice in the face of danger, then maybe the rest of America will listen. But, like most Americans, I'm not waiting by the phone!

Charles H. Kimbrough, Sylvania


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