Originally created 06/13/06

Muslim outcry seems absent

Was it the power of Christian spirit that moved the Rev. Saundra Reinke and J. Edward Sumerau to blame media bias for being unfair to Muslims ("Biased media coverage is unfair to Muslims," June 11)? Perhaps they are forgetting that, with the exception of Oklahoma City, all terrorists after that have been of the Muslim persuasion. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols never proclaimed their sins in the name of any religion. Allah akbar, or "God is great," is always used in the grisly acts committed by Muslim terrorists.

Shortly after 9-11, the Islamic Society of Augusta called a "press conference" that was no more than a lecture on the greatness of Islam. I attended this prolonged discourse, and was disgusted at the local press' political correctness for not asking pertinent and tough questions.

While all major religions of the world have a violent, brutal and repressive history, most of today's Muslims still wish, or are forced, to live in the 10th century, under religious Sharia law that almost came to Ontario - where, just recently, 17 of their ilk were caught with plans to blow up the parliament buildings and behead the prime minister. That's just 50 miles from Buffalo, N.Y., where a few years ago another cell of Muslim terrorists was busted. Mosques all over this country are financed by the Wahhabi Muslims of Saudi Arabia that openly call for the destruction of infidels by any means necessary.

It is easy to quote delicate phrases from the Quran pronouncing the innocence of Muslims everywhere. I don't know why the writers found it necessary to come to the aid of the local Muslim society. Was it their Christian piety? I do know that, since the aforementioned "press conference," I have not once read, seen nor heard a member of this society expressing their own revulsion towards the barbaric acts of their Muslim brothers.

Bob Groothand, Augusta


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