Originally created 06/12/06

Man's problems spring from contempt

Democracy is more than a form of government, and more than turning out to vote. It's a way of life that honors life and respects life - otherwise, why would you allow your neighbor to vote if you didn't trust him to make the right choice not just for himself, but for you also?

There's very little difference between Democrats and Republicans. There isn't that much difference between the far left and the far right; they're just opposite sides of the same coin - the coin of contempt.

They express themselves differently, but the end result is their lack of respect for life. But it's those who consider themselves to be morally superior who created this culture of contempt that threatens to destroy our country, and democracy along with it. They have values, but not the respect for ways of life that differ from them in any way, because they feel morally superior you see.

They're the same people who accused their neighbors of witchcraft and murdered them accordingly. They're the same people who spat on and jeered women who wanted the right to vote. They're the same people who lined up to curse and threaten the little black children who dared to seek a better education. And they're the same people who voted to deny equal rights to gays. They're simply protecting their traditional values. But what are their values based on? What is the foundation? Not respect for life, for though they claim to be pro-life, their actions deny any such possibility.

Nearly every problem that mankind faces today can be traced to man's contempt for the people he shares life with, and this contempt is promoted by religious leaders; conservatives; politicians; the king and queen of this culture of contempt, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter; and the editors of this newspaper.

Ramona Hall, Hephzibah


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