Originally created 06/09/06

Charles Larke needs to go - now

Thank God for A.K. Hasan and Ken Echols. It's a shame that these two have had enough of Richmond County School Superintendent Charles Larke. What is wrong with the rest of the board of education? It's time to get Larke out of office.

According to the BOE, Larke did not get a satisfactory evaluation, and has had numerous complaints against him from parents and teachers, and two lawsuits to top it off. I applaud Hasan, Echols and Barbara Pulliam who are trying to clean up the BOE and get rid of Larke. What is it that Larke holds over the BOE's head to make members so afraid of him?

Larke is a nightmare and a monster who is out of control - but he bleeds like you and me. His actions are a disgrace to Richmond County taxpayers. Give him the boot like former City Engineering Director Teresa Smith got. Larke does not deserve excess money to get rid of him. Let him cash in his holiday and annual time - that's all. Speaking as a former state employee, I think that's all he deserves. As for the two lawsuits against him, let him pay the settlement, since he is the problem.

If the board agrees to a settlement to get rid of Larke, all the members deserve to be driven out of office - that is, except for Hasan and Echols. They have let this fool walk all over them for too long. He must go - now! If Larke tries to cause problems for those who speak up against him, turn around and file a lawsuit against him.

Larke's actions are a disgrace, and it proves what I've always said: It's the innocent who have to pay, and the guilty get off scot-free. ...

Tina Cloer, Augusta


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