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Patrick Glenn Goodman, 27, and Sarah Catherine Atkinson, 28, both of 1718 Holly Hill Road

Laquincey Antron Watson, 27, of 1017 Stevens Creek Road 214, and Rebecca Michelle Freeman, 32, of 2302 Prescott Place, Hephzibah

Timothy Harrison Jr., 40, and Angela Cordes Barnett, 35, both of North Charleston, S.C.

Eddie Leroy Green, 40, and Tomicko Michelle Freeman, 29, both of 1601 Boxwood Court Apartment F, Fort Gordon

Paul Francis Ogilvie Copson, 21, and Amanda Renee Moody, 22, both of 2713 Marschalk Drive

Larry Lee Jones Jr., 26, and Melissa Anne Sousa, 34, both of 2495 Coleman Ave.

David Michael Koontz, 34, and Dana Michelle Russell, 29, both of 2224 Silverdale Road

George David Moose Jr., 24, and Jessica Lauren Huff, 21, both of Evans

Leroy Dwayne Graham, 32, and Kenyetta Tene Wilson, 34, both of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Merida Caleb Logan, 30, and Swetal Ashok Vora, 26, both of 2017 Buckhaven Way

Byron Lamont Duvernay, 26, of Hinesville, Ga., and Priscilla Levette Mason, 25, of 1568 Citation Road, Hephzibah

Corenthal Khirone Love, 28, and Monica Butts, 33, both of 3151 Lake Forrest Drive Apartment 59

Henry Harvey Jr., 27, and Felicia Ann Fitts, 26, both of 527 Richmond Hill Road W. Apartment E3

Bradford Hunt Thornton, 26, of Atlanta, and Neely Estelle Davis, 27, of Rome, Ga.

O'Dell Johnson, 66, and Ruby Charlene Johnson, 62, both of 3781 Fairington Drive, Hephzibah

Daniel Lawrence Stenger, 36, of 4389 Traylor St., Hephzibah, and Catherine Amanda Boone, 23, of 2925 Ulm Road, Hephzibah

Alasdair Peter McLean, 26, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Elizabeth Brenda Goodman, 26, of North Augusta

Bruce Bernard Jordan, 27, and Tamika Shavette Walker, 24, both of 2020 Scott Road

Marc Benjamin Edward Falk, 23, and Kristen Lynn Cather, 20, both of 537 Brainard Ave., Fort Gordon

Cruiser John Baxter, 21, and Julie Anne Carpenter, 20, both of Newport News, Va.

Ian Klinton Egbert, 24, and Deanna Lynn Galloway, 26, both of Portsmouth, Ohio

Jeremy Scott Brower, 30, and Krystyna Aniela Wedzicha, 31, both of 2317 Laurel Lane

Verston Kirk Service, 36, and Petra Simone Welsh, 29, both of Barnwell, S.C.

Tue Truong-Minh Le, 37, and Anh Thi-Kim Tran, 21, both of Norcross, Ga.

Leo Contreras, 23, and Angela Maria Smith, 22, both of Little Mountain, S.C.

Ronald Wesley Olson, 40, and Christina Dawn Lupo, 26, both of 3204 Brandywine Drive Apartment 2

Edward Lewis Taber Jr., 47, and Diana Renee Benton, 43, both of 1809 McDowell St.

William Daniel White Jr., 31, of Atlanta, and Debra Kay Campbell, 38, of 343 Alex Lane

Kevin Jason Glass, 33, and Leslie Paige Causey, 27, both of 3026 Walton Way

Kevin Christopher Cullum, 23, and April Michelle Forrest, 22, both of North Augusta

Carson Ephraim Morris, 30, of Freehold, N.J., and Tarika Eugenia Mozell, 35, of 1424 Sycamore Drive Apartment G9

Tony Dione Cooper, 25, and LaShandra Renee Coney, 27, both of 2913 Kings View Drive

John Michael Gentner, 30, and Lajuana Arlette Pinckney, 37, both of Columbia

Charles Peters Sganga Sr., 68, of 2096 Georgia Highway 88, Blythe, and Donella Sue Crawford, 55, of North Augusta

John Charles Wilkinson, 26, and Christina Elaine Taylor, 24, both of 1428 Springview Drive

Aaron Charles McClure, 22, of Fort Gordon, and Michaelia Jessica Daviton, 21, of Reno, Nev.

Joshua Nathaniel Nesbitt, 27, of 2180 Ellis St. Apartment B, and Susie Marlean Sutton, 26, of Martinez

Harvey Lee Eberhart, 58, and Alethea Ann McGruder, 36, both of 6039 Silver Birch Place

Danny Charles Rosenberg, 26, and Angela Ann Waters, 19, both of Louisville, Ga.

James Brian Rhodes, 27, of 2404 Hiawasee Road, and Frances Therese Nordmann, 23, of 1404 Magnolia Drive

Joseph Edward Dupree III, 29, of Irmo, S.C., and Tiffany Hope Shirey, 23, of 1924 Morningside Drive

Benjamin Lee Sutton, 40, and Annie Mae Scott, 42, both of 3505 Janet Drive

Robert Dewayne Bryan Sr., 58, and Sandra Reed Ewing, 57, both of 2860 Waterside Drive Lot 5

Raymond Wesley Garrer, 32, of 2031 Bassford Drive, Hephzibah, and Zonia Michelle Johnson, 36, of 2526 Blackstone St.

Jeremy Glenn Gay, 23, of 3148 Spicewood Drive, and Jessica Nicole Newsome, 23, of Harlem

Jerome Kim Johnson, 40, of 2036 Fernwood Circle, and Catherine Phyllis Conrad, 46, of 1671 Goshen Road Apartment N4

Christopher James Ranew, 23, and Heather Christine Carleton, 24, both of Rincon, Ga.

Richard Arte Berent II, 32, and Teresa Lee Krusi, 26, both of Chattanooga, Tenn.

David Jacob Watzek, 32, of Fort Gordon, and Kathleen Rose Taylor, 27, of Delaware, Ohio

Jeffrey Maurice Frazier, 32, and Kiki Kint Smalley, 28, both of Stockbridge, Ga.

Paul Anton Aenchbacher, 23, of Evans, and Nicole Ann Daniel, 29, of 3558 Crawfordville Drive

Jeffrey D. Montgomery, 52, of 1602 Gordon Highway, and Joy Denise Smart, 40, of 1602 Gordon Highway Room 416

Marquis Anthony Winfree, 24, and Ashlee Elizabeth Boening, 21, both of Toledo, Ohio

Eric Anthony Smith, 22, of Fort Gordon, and Elisha Diana Craig, 23, of Shreveport, La.

Christopher Benjamin Uselton, 25, and Angel Cherie West, 20, both of 2432 Tobacco Road Lot E, Hephzibah

Travis Wade Ebel, 24, and Brandi Christina Bridges, 22, both of Athens, Ga.

Joseph Bernard Hughes Jr., 22, of Croydon, Pa., and Claudia Elisabeth Smith, 22, of Baltimore


Nannie P. Thompson vs. Larry S. Thompson; May 17

Paul D. Fernandes vs. Katherine Weekly Fernandes; May 11

Rensie Vester Coleman vs. Mary Jean Coleman; May 8

Joseph Davis vs. Maria K. Davis; April 26

Warren Neal Rice vs. Alesia Brewer Rice; May 12

Barbara Harden Brock vs. Philip Michael Brock; May 1

Eliot Conrad Simpson vs. Beth Ann Simpson; May 1

Shaun Amiel Kobert vs. Lisa Jon'ell Kobert; May 18

Cynthia Whitfield vs. Michael Whitfield; May 18

Richard K. Henderson vs. Lakisha M. Henderson; May 18

Maria C. Cortes-Reyes vs. Luis A. Gonzalez; May 18

Dieszie M. Henderson vs. Antwan A. Henderson; May 18

Sheri Torres-Garcia, also known as Sheri Garcia-Torres, vs. Raymundo Torres-Garcia, also known as Raymundo Garcia-Torres; May 15

Andrea L. Phommachanh vs. Kingsada Phommachanh; May 15

Kenneth Edward Moore vs. Sabine Hidegardo Moore; May 12

Teresa S. Jones vs. Wayne R. Jones; May 18

Nal D. Creel vs. Marianne A. Creel; May 8

Aiyana K. Jackson vs. James E. Jackson; May 12

Vilna F. Rumph vs. Setarvine L. Rumph; May 16

Brenda Mack vs. Clarence Mack; May 18


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