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Here's a look at what's new this week in home video and DVD releases and a calendar of what's coming:

FIREWALL (WARNER HOME VIDEO, $28.98): Harrison Ford plays a bank's online security expert, and Paul Bettany is the crook who kidnaps his family to force him to transfer millions of dollars. Virginia Madsen is Mr. Ford's wife, who is as smart as he is as they try to outthink a man who might be planning to kill them all. The standard plot is enlivened by lots of digital stuff: Mr. Ford uses mainframes, laptops, cell phones, fax machines, miniature lapel mikes, spycams and his daughter's iPod, plus a lot of masking tape. The plot might have holes in retrospect, but it works well enough as it hums along, with skillful performances and an ingenious element in a chase scene. Not a great thriller, but it has its moments. DVD extras include a conversation with Mr. Ford and a feature on writing a thriller.

- Roger Ebert

UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION (SONY, $28.96): This sequel is better than the original Underworld. It's got more depth and more action and more nimble special effects. It is, however, still a vampire movie, so unless that's your bent, you might as well stop reading. We learn how a centuries-old feud between vampires and werewolves began, and how Michael (Scott Speedman), a modern hybrid of the species, is either the best hope or worst nightmare for both. As the film starts, our heroine, Selene (Kate Beckinsale), is still reeling from having killed most of her vampire bosses. They were being mean to her man (Mr. Speedman). Now there is a new challenge: Marcus (Tony Curran), the original vampire, has returned from his long slumber. He's determined to free his brother, the original werewolf, from his long imprisonment. Things get nasty.

GLORY ROAD (DISNEY, $29.99): When high school girls basketball coach Don Haskins (Josh Lucas) is recruited to coach in 1965-66 at Texas Western (now the University of Texas at El Paso), he's basically asked to ride herd on unruly athletes. No one expects him to go out and start recruiting black players, or to actually win. Haskins does both, leading the Miners to a 23-1 season and a chance to square off against coach Adolph Rupp's Wildcats for the championship. It is an important game of basketball, sure. But when Mr. Haskins starts five black players against Mr. Rupp's all-white squad, it also became a microcosm of the turbulent race relations in America. DVD extras include commentary and interviews with the real Mr. Haskins, players from the 1966 team and several deleted scenes.

- Mike Pearson,

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JUST OUT: Firewall, Glory Road, A Perfect Road, Running Scared and Underworld: Evolution

COMING TUESDAY: Neil Young: Heart of Gold, Aquamarine, End of the Spear, A Good Woman, The Pink Panther, 16 Blocks and The World's Fastest Indian

June 20: The Hills Have Eyes, Eight Below, Night Watch, Syriana and Lady & The Tramp II

June 27: Annapolis, Cache, Madea's Family Reunion, Ultraviolet and Why We Fight

JULY 4: The Libertine, The Matador and Stoned

JULY 11: Protocols of Zion

JULY 18: Tsotsi

JULY 25: Awesome, I ... Shot That and Final Destination 3

AUG. 22: Lucky Number Slevin


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