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Coming Friday

CARS (HHH, G) A racing car named Lightning McQueen (voice by Owen Wilson) strays from the interstate and finds itself in Radiator Springs. The cars are colorful, and the message is gentle: Life is better at the slower small-town pace. Evans, Aiken, Augusta Exchange, Big Mo

PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION (HHHH, PG-13) Robert Altman's salute to Garrison Keillor's great radio program is gentle and whimsical, simple and profound. Evans


ATL (HHH, PG-13) Rashad (Tip Harris) and Ant (Evan Ross) live with their Uncle George (Mykelti Williamson) in a coming-of-age story that has genuine affection for its characters. Augusta Village

THE BENCHWARMERS (PG-13) Three ungraceful guys form a baseball team that plays against grade-school kids. Masters, Augusta Village

THE BREAK-UP (HH, PG-13) Tabloid favorites Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston play an ex-couple who must share living quarters. Evans, Augusta Exchange, Aiken

THE DA VINCI CODE (PG-13) Ron Howard brings Dan Brown's novel to the screen, with Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou unearthing secrets that contradict religious tenets. Augusta Exchange, Aiken, Evans, begins Friday at Big Mo

FAILURE TO LAUNCH (H, PG-13) A 35-year-old man (Matthew McConaughey) still lives at home with his parents. They hire Sarah Jessica Parker, a specialist at getting grown men to move out of their parents' homes. Masters

HOODWINKED (PG) The story of Little Red Riding Hood is overstuffed with smart-alecky humor and pop-culture references. Augusta Village

HOOT (H, PG) A new kid in school (Logan Lerman) teams up with a female athlete (Brie Larson) and a wild child (Cody Linley) to sabotage attempts to build a pancake house in a remote habitat of endangered burrowing owls. Augusta Village, ends today at Masters

ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN (HH, G) Only Scrat, the ferocious little saber-toothed squirrel, retains his magic from the original Ice Age. Most other characters are back, but their story is more of a slog than a sprint. Augusta Village, Masters

INSIDE MAN (R) Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster in a tale of a bank heist gone wrong. Augusta Village, Masters

JUST MY LUCK (HH, PG-13) Lindsay Lohan stars as a rising Manhattan career girl whose good luck is amazing. Then she kisses a stranger (Chris Pine) at a masked ball, and her good luck is transferred to him. Begins Friday at Masters, Augusta Village

madea's family reunion (pg-13) Pistol-packing grandma (director Tyler Perry in drag) plans a party. Augusta Village

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III (PG-13) The newest installment of the thriller series has Tom Cruise trying to protect his girlfriend while staying alive himself. Augusta Exchange, Aiken, Evans

THE OMEN (HHH, R) A faithful remake of the 1976 film, starring Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles as the unwitting parents of the spawn of Satan. Evans, Aiken, Augusta Exchange

OVER THE HEDGE (HHH, PG) Forest animals awaken to find that half their world is gone, replaced by a suburb behind a hedge. When Vince the bear (voiced by Nick Nolte) discovers his food stash has been stolen, RJ the raccoon (Bruce Willis) is given a deadline to replace it, and he mobilizes critters in an assault on suburbia. Augusta Exchange, Aiken, Evans

PHAT GIRLZ (PG-13) Mo'Nique stars as an aspiring fashion designer. Augusta Village

POSEIDON (HH, PG-13) Remake of the waterlogged 1972 original, with the same formula and special effects. Aiken, Augusta Exchange, ends today at Evans

RV (HH, PG) Robin Williams and Cheryl Hines, the Munros, take their kids on a cross-country RV expedition. Augusta Exchange, Aiken, Evans

SEE NO EVIL (R) Delinquent teens come face to face with a serial killer. Augusta Exchange, ends today at Evans

THE SHAGGY DOG (PG-13) Tim Allen plays a prosecutor who is trying his daughter's high school teacher, who torched a lab that was experimenting on animals. Mr. Allen is bitten by a 300-year-old dog and periodically turns into a mutt himself. Masters, ends today at Augusta Village

SILENT HILL (R) A town is taken over by evil. Masters, Augusta Village

STAY ALIVE (PG-13) Teens discover that an online video game provides clues about a friend's mysterious death. Augusta Village

UNITED 93 (HHHH, R) Director Paul Greengrass tells the respectful, terrifying, extraordinary story of the doomed United Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11. We live in the moment with air traffic controllers, military people and the jet's passengers, crew and terrorists. Augusta Village

X-MEN: THE LAST STAND (HHH, PG-13) A cure has been found for mutation, which sets off a confrontation in the mutant community, with Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) looking for a positive response and Magneto (Ian McKellen) leading violent opposition. Augusta Exchange, Evans Aiken, Big Mo

THE WILD (G) Begins Friday at Big Mo


THE CAT IN THE HAT (PG) Today at Evans

MADAGASCAR (PG) Today at Evans

SPIRIT (G) Tuesday and Thursday, June 15, at Evans

BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE (PG) Tuesday and Thursday, June 15, at Evans


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