Originally created 06/08/06

Pelosi is paper's unwarranted target

Democrats know that local Republicans are nervous about losing the upcoming congressional elections. How do we know this? When The Augusta Chronicle ("The Party of Pelosi," June 5) ridicules the probable new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, resorts to the Karl Rove strategy of character assassination and even takes pieces of copy from a recent New York Times profile of her to do so, things must be pretty bad in Republican land.

Republicans don't argue the issues; they attempt to destroy the messenger of the issues - in this case, Pelosi. When she points out the culture of corruption in the Republican Party, in the White House and in Congress, she is fair game to The Chronicle for ridicule. When she points out that we have no exit strategy in Iraq and that civil war is now rampant, according to The Chronicle's own headlines, then The Chronicle is frightened that she will expose the lies and deceit of the Republican administration and she is demeaned as a leader that the people will fear.

Pelosi has stated that we will make sure everyone has affordable health care, and that Social Security will be safe for all retirees. This is enough for The Chronicle to claim she is too liberal, and use scare tactics to try to move the focus away from the serious skyrocketing debt and the enormous troubles caused by corporate pollution of the environment, outsourcing of jobs and a failed immigration policy.

Even the president, trying to bolster his numbers, is spreading propaganda to ban gay marriage despite the lack of fortitude to end the war, bring our troops home, and give us back the civil liberties he has taken away using the Republican-controlled Congress.

The people will speak clearly Nov. 7 on the failures of the Republican Congress and the president. This is what Republicans should fear, not Nancy Pelosi.

Lowell Greenbaum, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)


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