Originally created 06/05/06

More garbage in, less garbage out

When I moved to Augusta, I called a few trash collection companies, found one that met my price and service requirements and hired them. After a year or so, when they had a problem picking up my trash without dumping it on my lawn, I fired them and hired someone else. That's what you can do when the private sector handles your needs: research, choose, hire and fire.

The Imperial Augusta Commission didn't like that. I guess it didn't give them enough control over my daily life. So, one day, my chosen contractor picked up his bins and went out of business. Now I have another trash-hauler. At double the cost (but hidden in my property tax bill), I get more garbage than they haul off.

My neighbor leaves his bags of leaves on my lot, and there they sit for weeks because this new service can't be bothered. Tuesday pickup after Monday holidays used to be the norm, but now when I call the new provider, I get rude replies and bad attitude. And, of course, the evening of trash day becomes "pick-up-after-trash-pickup" day. Now, the Imperial Augusta Commission wants to tell us how to bag leaves (maybe they could demonstrate, weekly, at my house). Must be nice to have a job from which you can't be fired.

Is there a way to fire both my new trash service and the Imperial Augusta Commission? Do I have to pick which I want to see out of business first?

Give us back our free-market trash pickup, or require haulers to have a real customer service department with which I can file a written complaint and get an answer in writing.

Tony Shaffer, Augusta


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