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Fransoso turns heads on, off field

There's one thing that's readily apparent when it comes to Stephanie Fransoso.

She's a striker.

That goes for her on-field position and her physical appearance. No recount was needed when the Greenbrier seniors voted her most attractive female.

"The best way to say it is: She is the most attractive girl in our school, and I don't think anyone would debate that," Greenbrier senior Brooks Duff said.

That "pretty girl" label does carry a few athletic hardships.

"When people first see me they don't think I am a soccer player," Fransoso said. "They don't think of me as a competitor, I bet."

Duff's a good enough guy to admit the first time he noticed her it wasn't for her footwork.

"The first impression is she's another one of those air-headed pretty girls," said Duff, who's a good friend of Fransoso. "She's really good at soccer, too. It separates her. She's got like the best of both worlds."

Fransoso has excelled at soccer for quite a while now. But the 2005 and 2006 Augusta Chronicle All-Area Girls Soccer Player of the Year has to correct a lot of erroneous first impressions.

When she tells people that she's heading to Auburn on a soccer scholarship, it makes all the training and conditioning worth it.

"People respect athletes a lot," Fransoso said. "I like telling people I am a soccer player and a future college athlete. I tell them that and they go 'Oh, really. Wow!' It's something I've worked hard for. I can tell that's maybe something they didn't expect me to say."

As for her soccer, no Wolfpack player has been better when it comes to putting the ball into the net.

"Stephanie has wrote the offensive record book at GHS," Greenbrier coach Alex Heider wrote with her nomination to the all-area team.

"I have a drive to score goals," Fransoso said. "I'm very competitive when it comes to that part of the game. I'm like that in getting my teammates to score goals or scoring on my own."

She finished with 28 goals and 11 assists this year. Her 113 career goals set the mark at Greenbrier.

"She's kind of by herself when it comes to varsity girls in our area with the ability to score," Aquinas men's coach Kevin Kennedy said. "There's really no area player at her level. I think the fact she's going to Auburn validates that."

Fransoso also kicks aside the "airhead" label in the classroom.

"I make all As, but I made one B in A.P. (Advanced Placement) calculus," Fransoso said. "I wanted an A, but a B in A.P. calculus isn't too bad. I try really hard. I've worked hard to get to where I am today in soccer and in the classroom."

She also shares a connection with this year's All-Area boys coach. Lakeside coach Dave Morgan played a role in bringing her to the game when she was in third grade at Riverside Elementary School.

"If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be where I am today," Fransoso said. "Everyone started playing soccer at recess, and he would talk to us about it during P.E. class. The way he made the game fun and encouraged me was what inspired me to play soccer."

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Meet Stephanie Fransoso

Year: Senior

School: Greenbrier

Position: Forward

Height, weight: 5-foot-6, 115

All-area highlights: Fransoso had 28 goals and 11 assists. She finished with a Greenbrier career record 113 goals.

Favorite car: Black Mercedes Convertible

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite dessert: Butterfinger ice cream

Favorite dream date: Paul Walker

Favorite movie: The Notebook

Favorite TV show: The Hills

Favorite place to eat: Carrabba's Italian Grill

Favorite singer: Kelly Clarkson

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite team: Team USA

Favorite team to beat: Lakeside


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