Originally created 06/04/06

Socialist AP shows its stripes

On May 17 and 19, two Associated Press stories told of an upcoming U.S. victory in Iraq - the formation of a democratic government - but in the first story, AP acted as if they thought it wouldn't happen, stating "not so fast." In the second story, AP said it was going to happen, but it wouldn't last the "true test" of four to six months.

On May 21, the headline for the AP story read, "Iraqi government takes office," but then AP said it was no news story, for everyone knew it was going to happen.

Absent in all of these stores is the truth. The socialist media, including AP, is constantly cutting at the last thread of democracy - which is America - in an effort to destroy it and replace it with their own image: one-world socialism.

Then, Communist China and Russia, with their nuclear missile might, will demand America capitulate, or they'll blow its brains out, and the first two countries will divide up the world and subjugate its citizens.

And when you multiply the local media problem times 450 newspapers across the country - since, as a virtual monopoly, AP is about the only wire service they can subscribe to and fill up their papers and make millions - you begin to understand what the problem is. It's CBS, NBC and ABC news in print form.

And don't expect an AP story saying this is going to happen. Just like the Twin Towers, it's going to be a big surprise.

Tom Hunter, Augusta


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