Originally created 06/04/06

Shamed into inaction?

The more that comes out about the Senate immigration bill, the worse it looks.

And it looked bad from the start.

But truthfully, here's all you need to know about it: Sen. Ted Kennedy is foursquare behind it.

It's beginning to look as if no bill would be better than anything resembling the Senate's "Citizenship for Sale!" approach.

We're counting on House Republicans to stand firm in their negotiation with the Senate in a conference committee. The House passed a tough enforcement-only bill that includes a border fence. The Senate's bill, on the other hand, is an offensive mishmash of incentives for illegal aliens. Indeed, reports indicate that the scent of amnesty wafting from the Senate bill is only encouraging more migration toward the U.S. border.

Among the troubling details of the Senate immigration bill is the fact that it would prohibit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services department from sharing information about criminals or terrorists its unearths amid guest-worker applicants. That's just insane.

It would also reward underground trading in fraudulent documentation. Some also say the bill's amnesty provisions would put an up-to-$100 billion crunch on the Social Security system.

If the Senate won't accept an enforcement-only approach, then perhaps no bill is best.

In that event, ordinary Americans will simply have to exert more pressure on President Bush to enforce laws already on the books - such as laws prohibiting the hiring of illegal aliens - and to otherwise secure the border.

It's clear in word and deed that Americans are clamoring for border security. Polls show it - but so do poles: Volunteers for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. already have begun building border fences on private property in Arizona.

Our leaders in Washington, if they had an ounce of shame left in them, would be beet-red with embarrassment. They've completely neglected their most important job - providing for a common defense - and have been shamed into action by the Minutemen.

Or, as the case may be, shamed into inaction.


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